Well I'm done with this banner

I was able to get Duothea to +1 with +Spd yesterday. Then tried a bit for Tharja and got her (sadly with her worst Bane being Spd), then got a 3rd red pity on this banner being Larcie (luckily this one was only 3.25% but still a pity for me since I don’t really care for her too much outside of fodder). But oh well got the 2 units I cared about on this banner time to leave it… especially since after I got Tharja I stopped getting Green orb’s so not even going to try to get a merge for her right now


Glad you got what you wanted!

After the cursed banner that was the last one, I rolled the first five orbs I got, and got a -attack +speed katarina, and a -attack +HP Dorothea (at least she’s a dancer, so whatever).

No intent to role more than that, as I want to save orbs.