Well it only took like 600 orbs

But I managed to get 2 copies of her…

And the ivs were between +def or +spd so I opted for defense since I feel it could actually make a difference in a few scenarios. Plus she has Atk/Def Push 3 in case Brammimond shows up on a 8% as free summon

The only other 5 stars I got off the banner were an Eleonora (merged to +1) and Fallen Tiki (instant manualed).


Congrats on getting her in the end!

Yeah I agree that +def is better, possibly for a sturdy birdie build or something.

Too bad it took so many orbs, but congrats anyways!


I could give her Sturdy Impact but I’m hesitant because her weapon at least has a psuedo-impact (preventing the follow-ups) if she’s buffed in some way whether it be stats or movement.

Unlike Brave Micaiah who’s weapon didn’t have a way to prevent follow-ups.


Yeah. The A/D push 4 from Bram would help a lot in that way, and would come with the lull.

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I mean I don’t know if I’ll actually bother trying summoning for that over say saving for a 6% double seasonal banner with Micaiah but I had like 7k sp on the first Micaiah when I got the +def Micaiah so I went through and gave her a few skills to use that sp on and I hadn’t found a use for any Cormag manuals before now anyway :feh_lucyshrug:


I was gonna be real upset if you got her to +10 with just 600 orbs… Now I feel kinda bad that you only got to +1.


Hahaha, this banner had no intention of even being close to that nice to me. It took 230 orbs before I even got Ellie as my first 5 star off it.


600 orbs for just two copies… I know your pain. :catcry: That happened to me in a Legendary banner, though, so sniping for a single unit was expected to be painful. This is something else. :feh_notlikethis:


Now I feel somewhat blessed for getting +4 Lilith in half of that amount. Still, it sucks that people like you who put more effort in saving orbs get less than they deserve.



(boo that it took so much). this banner was particularly mean i feel. a lot of people are struggling w/it.

I am struggling on the A skill.(mine is +res).

she could do close counter/vantage. I’ve seen a lot of micaiahs (red/blue/green) rock that. - and with close foil being a thing she’s good for melee (because her res she can hit dragons hard anyway)

Nothing is wrong with the push skill (especially because she has Mystic Boost to heal up the recoil) for the most part.

because she has a “Bonus” impact - something that can be achieved easily for the most part) i am wondering if sturdy impact is better worth while on Green Micaiah (whom i will intend to +10 eventually (thanks to hero fest CYL, i figure a few copies each time i can get her done by next year).

I think they basically made her ready to go out of the box (I can’t even play with her on unit builder beceause htey don’t have her WEAPON THERE.

I’m in th same boat, or at least on the way there. I +10’d Rafiel and have gotten 5 pity breakers trying for B!Micaiah :weary: hopefully at least this means you’ve spend all you Bad luck for the next few banners

Congrats, I spent 500 orbs so far and only got one with first 12 orbs so far. Maybe I get one with the next 100 otbs.

Must admit though, I also targeted for one Bridal Nailah and still need some copies of Rafiel. Didn’t sniped colorless only.

ooh lucky on Raphiel.
I wouldn’t have been upset had i gotten more of him. even w/bonus stats that sexy +res stat is something else.

but boo on Micaiah. :( the last time i’ve seen a banner this tough was Halloween where Myrrh/Mia were focus units.

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I miss that banner. I had I streak where 9 straight 5 stars that I was able to get were Halloween Mia. No off-focus or even other focus units in that stretch.

Except I likely might go full save mode for her return after this banner…

That’s what I run on my Brave Micaiah, I have the fodder for it but don’t really know if worth it given her tome effect.

That’s what my OG Micaiah runs a lot of the time.

yeha i am gonna have to see what i like.

hopefully one of these days blue Micaiah has a banner by herself


On my way to +10 for OG Micaiah, I got pretty lucky when she was on a legendary banner that include S!Catria (since I wanted a copy of Catria anyway) where I got 5 Micaiahs, 2 S!Catrias, and only one OG!Azura.

so lucky. the first part of the game. almost every time i went for Micaiah i got a pity breaker instead (there was a time that was all my 5* blues. pity breakers going for Micaiah). I got my first one (+res) as ironically a pity break going for Hinoka. I am just hoping that she can just start showing up for me but no dice.

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She pity broke me too many times. +3 and +red is good but i might fodder her unless she gets a refine that is.