Well, it's been a while since we had one of these, huh?

Still hate F!Edel. Yep, it’s this again. I keep getting my shit absolutely destroyed in arena by her.

No other unit has been so disgustingly toxic, not even all the others people mention.

Lynja? Evaporates player phase.
L!Claude? Definitely a pain, but can be killed relatively easily if you prevent him from activating fallen star
L!Sigurd? Not actually that hard to kill, with color disadvantage and so on. Movement can be tricky, but also makes him easier to bait.

But F!Edel laughs in the face of literally everything. I cannot kill her if I even want to score somewhat decently. In fact, I’m not even sure my alt even really has any good counters to her in the first place, even if I completely ignore scoring (…Shamir, maybe?).

So TLDR, same old same old, but I’m going to keep venting about it because this is some grade A BS. Can IS at least make it so you can’t put her on arena defense? I can deal with her in AR because the scoring mechanic is completely different (hello windsweep Duolyth), but there is pretty much nothing I can do for arena.


Having vented, I almost feel better.



Feh community on their way to post about F!Edelgard foe the 7th week in a row.


That would be “foes”" plural. As in I fought multiple teams packing multiple F!Edels.


She’s definitely cancerous. I’ve been having an easier time with her this season, most notably in AR, after I found out that my NY!Velouria can tank and kill her easily (tank with her current build, kill the second time. If I swap Sol to Luna, she one-round F!El)

Next season, it’s going to be back to the gang-bang, though. She’s definitely the most unbalanced unit in the game, bar none.


I gave up on arena finally this week because of her. I was close to doing that already but she put me over the edge this week. Feels good to have it behind me


I can’t even deal with her in T17-20. I’m not even tryna get crowns at this point, just my 4 orbs.


After losing your first Arena match to dang armors who won’t get off the defense tiles


Yeah, like I said I can deal with her in AR for various reasons (still can wipe my entire team if I’m not careful, but at least I actually have options).

But in arena a +10 F!Edel (especially bonfire variants) are pretty much an automatic game over. Sometimes (if the map makes it so she can just park on a defense tile), I literally cannot kill her. Even if my entire team suicides into her, she remains at full HP.

I just fought a +10 one with fort def/res, mystic boost seal, and a menace (forgot which one). Who can even actually kill that? A windsweep with like 2 dancers? No one can even bring that to arena.


If it’s strictly Arena, the need of a dedicated F!Edelgard counter has been mandatory since her release.

As for that build, my guess would be only Arden. I ran the numbers, and Arden can kill that, with AD Solo 4 and ADS 3, AD Menace, and Special Fighter with Ruptured Sky.
But that’s a very specific build on a very specific unit. Having to do that to counter a single unit in the game is definitely not fun.


Shamir does work fairly well against her. Janky for use in arena since she’s difficult to merge, but in AR I’ve found she works really well with Flashing Blade to get a special off on the second hit.

I was lucky enough to not actually run into her at all during my Arena runs this week–I might have been able to deal with her, since Ashera hits pretty hard, but that doesn’t actually count for anything–but I did nope out of a few AA runs because of her. Wasn’t even because I couldn’t beat her, it was just hmmm do I really wanna deal with this right now? And the answer to that’s never yes.


AR I can kill her with the aforementioned windsweep Duolyth, but arena…I don’t even have the fodder for what @TheEternalShade is proposing even if I wanted to do that.

My main got away with using a +10 lilina with TP and L!Hector to instant charge glimmer (no RS fodder), and even that’s a shaky counter at best.

My alt is more or less screwed, since L!Lilina can’t reliably kill her, and none of my +10 units would be able to do better.


I was supposed to climb the Arena but it’s the only way I always forget to play after the first one to collect the rewards. I don’t suffer anymore. Bridal Catria has no compassion for F.Edel and not to mention that she helps with repositioning and 4x hot. I keep imagining a Lilina or another Fe6 with her.

My Fir and soon Echidna will have a great time.

But yes she’s broken and I’m just too lazy to stage the challenges to collect orbs because she’s there worse than in extreme story mode. With more Hp. That phase of Fafnir is going to be cancer.




Yeah you really want to get a follow-up on her to have any sort of consistency, since realistically it’s not at all feasible to kill her in one shot through the 40%. QR/NFU and effective damage go a long way, if you can put them on a unit that can tank a hit from her. Getting the latter kiiinda sucks on F2P options since it means giving up Plegian Axe or other better inheritables, but it is possible, and it’s not like she’s the only armored threat out there. I haven’t gotten around to switching my Mustafa over to Slaying Hammer, but the numbers say he should be able to do it fairly consistently, so I’m seriously considering it.


I’ve been practicing with my arena teams in AA and created a couple of counters that are fairly solid.

If we’re talking F2P, any armour with Ruptured Sky, Special Fighter, and QR Sacred Seal should be able to take her out in one round.

I have OG!Hector doing that for me, but I realize he’s not F2P. If you want to also turn them into a Near Save Tank, that helps protect your other team mates.

My build for reference (not flexing)

With regards to player phasing her, aside from effective damage or several sweep allies, I don’t have many other ideas. I run D!Ephraim for player phase. But honestly, Hector is the most consistent at taking her down.

Edit: Ultimately, I do agree that she’s a lame addition to the game (sorry @seiken :kissing_heart:)


blows kiss


Meanwhile on my AA runs…

No Items either, I went without them this week


There’s a fairly decent difference between AA and pure Arena (most notably the lack of dancers and cavs like Cecilia).

But yes, with the right support she can be safely handled :slight_smile:


I tried that, only for the game to troll me with a Svalin Shield variant.