Well look who came home

Well i was just spending orbs on the Soiree banner and while trying to get ishtar through the red orbs.

Im personally a fan of her and have made it a minor goal to get all her Variants so seeing her spook me puts me in a pretty good mood not entirely sure what in going to use her for but ill find a way.

(Also her IV’s are an asset in attack and a flaw in Res)


Red Duel Flying fodder?


Those are even nicer. Good IVs for her. Any builds planned? I’d personally try out a Slaying Edge+ Bonfire defensive bruiser build (since her prf is kinda meh).



Congrats man. Those are some great IVs too.


I was planning along the lines of just adding a decent amount of skills on her and just working off from that since shes likely going to be someone im using often and im not entirely sure what to build on her.

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YES! Rolled on the Soiree banner and look who else came home ive been wanting Ishtar for a while and having her come home today along with Laegjarn is a pretty good thing to know before sleeping.

(IV’s is Def Asset and flaw in attack)


That atk flaw kinda sucks :feh_notlikethis:
But she’s still good! She will serve you well. :flaynfish2: