Well, Merry Christmas to me XD

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all!
Mine’s off to a pretty good start… Got back from my aunt’s, did a few quick pulls with the tickets and got this…

Not great IV’s though… +Res/-Def which is pretty much the exact opposite of what I’d want on her. Maybe if I’m lucky I can merge her later but I’ll take what I can get.

A couple of days before that, the other new unit to jump in was…

Yep, my favorite adorable bundle of kick-butt all prepared for the season XD Not complaining about that one in the least! Her IV’s are +HP/-Def.

Also… I now have a few other units to consider merges for.
Those being…
~ Ishtar (One is neutral, the other has +HP/-Res)
~ Brave Camilla (One has +Spd/-Res, the other has +Res/-HP. I imagine Spd is the better boon judging from her heavily attack-oriented skillset?)
~ Thrasir (One has +Def/-HP, the other has +HP/-Atk)

Any suggestions on how to handle any of these are welcome.


Congrats! I’ll add my suggestions:

Neutral, she gains +2 HP, +1 ATT and +2 SPD out of it which favors offensive

+SPD, it favors her offensive potential

+HP, it favors slightly her mixed bulk

I hope this helps!

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Thanks! Any ideas for feasible skill sets for Winter Nino and Edelgard (particularly the latter, seeing how that defense bane kinda hurts)?

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For Edelgard, I’d replace her B-skill with [Desperation 3] amd [Brazen Atk/Def 3] can make a fine seal, you can put [Bonfire] special — this gives her a niche as a physical tank while having an offense-oriented touch.

For W!Nino… I’ll add a build I’ve just thought, more or less oriented around survival

But if you don’t mind waiting a little… @Vegi is the local Nino expert who I know can give the best advice about building her, in the meantime you could reply what you’d like her to do, she can be used in different ways

Did someone call for Nino-chan? :feh_angrynino:

Well here I am

A +HP -Def Nino-chan, hmmmm… ok lets see what I can come up with.

Now b4 I say anything, would just want to make out that I won’t be using W! Nino that often, bc she’s armored, so I can’t really utilise my aggressive playstyle on her to the fullest.

This is what I intend to run with her personally, but u can feel free to change her tome to Spooky Censor and her seal to Flashing Blade.

Altho I don’t like bladetome, she kinda has to have it due to this being an aggro build and I need a suitable aggro tome, and also because of my weeb reasons. But if u have Spooky Censor, then go ahead and use it bc it works too. (Also helps with Daring Fighter’s activation)

Repo and Glimmer are super practical.

Atk/Spd Form is kept bc it helps her a lot with the Spd that she needs, although u need to keep your units close together. If u have the necessary fodder, SS3 would be the best for her.

Daring Fighter is amazing on her due to her statline being that of an aggro mage. So naturally, u would wanna run that to basically just wreck everyone.

Armor March is also really obvious. Bc she is an armored, moving 1 space is trust me, horrible, as u can’t get any aggro rushing out of it. So Armor March is meant to help u on that!

For her seal, I run a Brazen Atk/Spd to increase her Spd to about roughly 56 with all skills active. BUT, if ur constantly running Spd tactic units with her, then feel free to use Flashing Blade.

I will not be giving her a tank based build, as I think her statline is more built to be aggressive based.
Although @af1899 gave a good sustain build, so u can refer to it if u would like.

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