Well now I have a merge project dilemma (P O L L)

I dolphin’d a little and this was the important results

Which means now I have all the Mordecai copied I need! Plus 2 more Brave Micaiahs!!! And a regular Micaiah lol :birbpeek: And sorry but I’ll probably get the dragonflowers from Brave Eliwood and then fodder him to +10 Oscar for that SS3 and probably the Lull too.

But POLL who should I merge first


Don’t mind my vote,
I chose nanna because she is cute but the other dude is better xD

Mordecai is literally a wall, I’d choose him.

Eliwood doesn’t have lull , he has ruse

Is this even a question?

BIGnis for sure.

I’m dumb… :catdespair:

Now what would I give Oscar alongside SS3, the rally+ or ruse? I can only give him one of them alongside SS3 (since he has SS2 already).

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If you have a good B on Oscar, the rally. But that ruse is so powerful

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I mean he has Desperation.

@Krazytre I know we almost had a non-blue, non-Tellius project. Now that might be a blue and Tellius BIGnis merge project instead.

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Swift Sparrow 3 and Atk/Spd Ruse are incredible skills and I’m glad I put them on my Walhart.

The curse of the blues.

Or is it a blessing?

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The rally, raus are useful, but not that strong

I disagree. The Ruse is amazing and offers team support to allow tanks to take more hits without fear of special procs.



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I do actually have an extra Quan as a manual and that might be better for passing the dual rally+ since it’s the + version of the dual rally that Oscar has as part of his base kit. Pass Drive Atk with it cause that’s useful sometimes especially when Oscar’s weapon is already has basically a dual drive for Cavs and Infantry as part of its refine.

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Gay Bulge refine when?


When we get Altina added wielding the Gay Bulge as well?

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BIGnis time

You mean he’s a mighty glacier, right?

You could do what I do and alternate between them every time you get 20k feathers.