Well She Got Her Chill Res At Least

Not before an annoying Kliff showed up first, and now all my orbs are gone…


Also bonus OG Laegjarn, slight changes. Still no idea what I’m really going for honestly. And basically all my feathers are gone to give her that Slaying Edge (Also probably forget to equip Bonfire, she has learned it though)

Now the thing is do I refine it for Spd or Def? Cause right now I’m down to just 50 refining stones (yet like 600 dew). So after I refine it once all my refining stones will be gone too.


Go for spd refine, 42 isn’t bad but will not secure a lot of double. 45spd/40def is better than 42spd/44def for me.
Doubling/double deny is more important.

@RoyAhoy seems like we need to bully someone again.


But Kliff is best SoV boy :ok_hand:

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I’m just wondering, but why is OG Laegjarn running Moonbow over Bonfire? She has more than enough Defense to take advantage of it and Slaying Edge puts it at the same cooldown as a regular Moonbow.

Because I forgot to change it when I swapped Fury and Desperation off.

You probably never saw when I’ve posted my FE tier list, but I really do not like SoV.

Also this is what happened to my first Kliff

And I have too many blue mages as is Micaiah (+10), Tailtiu (+10), Ishtar (+9), S!Laegjarn, V!Soren, S!Catria, L’Arachel. And there’s more but those are the ones that see decent use.

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I was just saying I like him x)
Also, I don’t get your point. I don’t like SS but I still like quite a few characters from it. Maybe that’s not how you work but not liking the game doesn’t justify why you don’t like the character.

I’ll forgive you then, Haar deserves good treatment :ok_hand:

I also have too many blues I’m working on. But I guess it doesn’t stop me xD


I don’t really dislike him, I’m neutral at best. I’m just really annoyed he showed up off focus causing me to waste an extra 50 orbs… Those could have been for Legendary Micaiah or Leif, but that’s also assuming it’ll actually happen and not be disappointed like usual…

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Hope you get more luck for your next summons then o/

Kliff was my favorite villager…and Ophelia is my favorite fates mage…I have mixed feelings on your post.

Lol but at least those skills are put to good use and I have seen your harr a few times,impressive.

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I dunno if you cares about winrate, but +Def refine does win more than +Spd. Plus with her having a base 42 Spd, it’s incredibly easy to buff that stat to overkill numbers with the right support. My vote is +Def w/ Bonfire.


Why are you not writing about Tobin


Because it would be unfair to compare a queen to a god


Makes sense, proceed to praise the name of Tobin or my Alm will smack you with his shovel.


Fine how’s this


Why use any of the Laegjarns when Tobin performs every role on the team you could ever need??



Scubadiver Alm approves



He’s such a beautiful man

Also, while you were gone, my Tobin ascended a little bit, what do you think?


Uhhhh that looks really good though.
Nice job!
At some point we’ll just laugh at those bastards with our +10 merges +10 DF bois and destroy everything that tries to be meta.