Well shee-t. Do i merge him him?

Not on purpose.

I just wanted to curb the urge by yoloing for a sakura but if i failed id be fine stopping.

But now…

+atk or +hp options

But I’ve got to figure out what I want to do with him.

Merge? I can get +2 rn with the limited one.
Build? Ive got no clue.

Plz give advice.


Idk. He hasn’t got much fodder, so if you don’t want the bow it’s merge vs 1k feathers essentially. I would merge +atk to +1 and save the other for… something? Idk. Not like the 2nd merge would do much

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look builds up in GP
he always will need investment in some sort

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True. Not much fodder. Its not like hes got anything i cant get somewhere else.

Also to Lain, yes theres builds on gp, but theyre kinda old arent they? No accounting for newer skills available.

At the vey least he can be on AA at +1.


i mean, just take the suggestions and put in better skills and seals that you might have?
its hopefully not your first unit youve ever build so the process should be clear
the recommended slaying+cc build is super solid without the ploy
Brave+BF is always the same
and then some random tank build
pretty sure you can come up with something if you actually wanna build him


Fair. Its not the first. Just dont use armors often and was hoping someone had a idea that helped out there.

armors have nothing special about them
you always pick a fighter skill you wanna use and then build a kit around it
considering you dont wanna mega invest in him youve BF for PP, VF for EP or WF for stalling
what you wanna do is your choice and building a unit for a specific phase is mega easy

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He has the classic Brave bow+ Bold fighter that delivers and instant Ignis nuke.
In that case merge for +atk
Virion already has his bow in his refine and makes better use of it than him.


Not the same but I see your point.

Brave Bow/Bold Fighter is a good option, though if you want more Atk and have a Faye lying around, Firesweep Bow+ works better in most scenarios. Also, Faye’s getting her weekly revival on the week of the 29th so you could wait until then for a pull.


I didnt knew that, so firesweep and wary fighter.

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BF and Firesweep


Firesweep and Wary Fighter is like giving your grandpa who can barely stand on his own a cane that could break any second


Nah, Wary Fighter on the Brave Bow kit to stop enemy doubles. Firesweep can run BF for the guaranteed Moonbow

I actually run a similar build on my Halloween Dorcas for Anima Defense, too. Since FE outclassed him in every stat but Atk I took that and ran with it. One Gerik and a Brave Celica later…

also he ate up a Forsyth but that’s before FE was released

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+Atk brave/bold. Same as V!Faye but weaker.

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H!Sakura was not playing nice this year…

And all I got was:

As others said his only semi-decent fodder is the bow so don’t hesitate to +1 merge (can still keep the manual just in case).

Nothing too rare on this build. Still fairly strong in my opinion.


He’s one of the few gen1 seasonable unit that is still viable/strong for Arena Assault/General purpose.
He doesn’t perform well in AR, just like almost every armor units, and his BST doesn’t allow him to score in Arena, but otherwise he’s still really good.

  • +ATK is best asset with Bold Fighter.
  • Brave Bow/Bold Fighter with Moonbow allow for 1 proc before retaliation, and 2 proc with the follow-up.
  • FIresweep bow is also an option, but considering Brave Bow+ is at least just as good, not sure it is worth spending the fodder.