Well she's now pretty much complete!

+10 and now +5 dragonflowers on top of it! Thanks to Bucket showing up, and twice on the same circle. Too bad both had a +def boon but whatever.

Too bad I have no idea how I’ll build the Bucket. :feh_lucyshrug:

And Idk, maybe I’ll change Sigrun’s B slot at some point.


Imo she could use more Def, as it’s pretty good.

Will you be giving her the new weird Flier skill? Or if you get her, are you going to take the guard lance to some one?

I don’t know on the B skill, how does it even work? Cause I swear I’ve seen like 5 different interpretation on how the skill procs.

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If you have 7 speed more than your opponent, decrease your opponents Atk/Def by half of the difference of the res stat, up to 7.

So if you have the speed for it to proc, and she has a different res stat by at least 2, she will lower those stats. Granted, I was looking at Bridal Sigrun which has higher speed, lower res, but they both have both stats pretty high.

Okay, then why were people saying it was going to be good for middling speed fliers or something?

Who was saying that? You have to have more than 7 speed than your opponent.

I was in Coffee’s thread earlier and all it did was confuse me. It didn’t help that I also was mixing up Fiora’s name with Fiona, even more confusion :feh_confused:

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Here is the skill.

So yeah, you have to more than double for it to activate, unless they said it was a typo. That being said, it probably is just better to just fodder the Guard lance to someone.

Because the description of the skill in the video was wrong, people thought it was a skill that’d only benefit faster Fliers

“If Unit’s Spd ≥ opponent’s Spd +7”, the original (read: wrong) description, is larger than the follow up threshold and therefore more difficult to pull off. An in-game notification noted that the correct description should be “… opponent’s Spd -7” which is a much more generous threshold


I see now.


I still wonder why the skill was even needed though? But whatever it means a random Flora has something in the way of fodder.

Now if only Rath wasn’t the demote cause he’ll find a way to be like Python and block me from Echidna merges.

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So it’s pretty much like this
Unit A has 35 Spd, Unit B has 42 Spd
Since Unit A’s >= Unit B’s Spd after the -7 Spd on Unit B it activate’s the skill

It’s kinda Fliers version of a Lull… but seriously limited on who can effectivly use it… and obviously worse than Lull’s

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Yes I know now, I didn’t see the fix on the notification board.

It’s sort of like a Lull, which is great for them since Fliers can’t get Lulls. Plus, all Fliers get as exclusive skills are movement based. They needed more variety


It’s not great for Altena or Haar, so what’s the point of a psuedo-lull if my flying tanks can’t make much use of it?

Except it’s not good on Altena, she could have really appreciated more lull effect…

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I think I know why they gave Altena low Spd/Res now… because she would honestly be killer with that B skill if she has enough Spd to active the skill and the +14 Res over the foe

Lol… we were thinking the same exact thing