Well that was fun (muarim grew up so fast)

I’ve had the builds on him for ages, so I’ve been counting the days and stockpiling the resources (and also being reckless with celestial stones lol)

I’m super happy with him, though I’m open to hearing advice on specials or other skills to look into.

todays journey

I’m a lil sad I moved too fast to capture the moment of +10

I love making units both-phase capable


Man it really sucks this guy has no access to damage reduction aside from Spd Smoke 4 (which I find a questionable investment anyway because he already mass debuffs enemies near him) and stuff like Flayn or Nifl

NFU is an excellent alternative, however. Also I’m a bit curious about the choice of Darting Stance as the seal. I would have picked Darting Breath (especially since you’re running Aether) or a seal that gives more stats than just Spd.


I forgot about darting breath.

Hes also already got sol and some of the draconic/dragon specials too. Sometimes aether just feels too slow to give him enough sustain/recovery.

I’m not sure who to partner him with. Rafiel or Leanne maybe? They both have beast-specific hones/wards.

I also do have a floret collecting dust lol. Attack is probably best, right? All are +3.


Nice builds <3 id say Rafiel is the perfect partner for him, at least until his son Tormod comes.


Maurim’s the only beast that doesn’t have to be solo or in a beast/dragon team to fully abuse his transformation effect, so having beast specific buffs is kind of a waste unless the team he’s on is all beasts. So support depends on the rest of the team makeup

I recommend Legendary Eliwood if you have him. Eliwood’s Prf C needs a beast or dragon to activate, and Maurim will appreciate the Bonus Doubler effect, especially with that Rouse