Well, the GBL bugs are back

It’s been a few weeks since the endless scourge of bullst kept me from participating in Battle League games. Seemed like they had finally fixed alot of it. There were still completely impossible energy gains happening now and then, doubt theyll ever get rid of the people who do mod the game for easy wins, but seemed like they were finally at least running a functional game. Now we’re back to the same bullsht that always seems to only affect me and never seems to have any effect on my opponenets. I sit and watch my health bar drop like a damn rock while completely unable to attack back. It’s not my connection, I sure as hell don’t have any issues watching my health drop in real time. So either Niantics servers are once again fing up or people found new ways to exploit the airplane mode bug again. Either way i cant get more than 1 or 2 wins a league now, was running 4s and 5s consistantly when i could actually participate. Every single game now i either cant watch or my opponent will charge 55-60 energy moves in 2 fast moves :man_shrugging: it’s been fun guys, can’t wait to see how Niantic fs up next. Between preseason and this season I’d wager I’ve lost somewhere between 100-150 games to bulls**t like this.

Niantic is good at two things: publishing bugs, and making money off of them.

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Dear Niantic, the only bugs I want to see in GBL are:


Never saw that before, since I’m not in GBL often, but sometimes I would had been reached the 5th win streak if not for them. I think at one time I’ve also been benefitted from them.