Well this is depressing

I mean, I knew she got powercreeped, but this is just depressing

Even at +10 with Lyon unmerged he still competes easily with her.


Also @GVader so you can join me in experiencing the pain.

Misery loves company.


Well tbf those stats on Blyon are kinda wrong
Sonia neutral +10

Blyon neutral +0

(The Atk was probably also counting his +3 Atk from his weapon but even still it’d be 41)


Still not really a flattering comparison


oh it was probably counting the +1 mt from having a prf over an inheritable too


It’s mainly because Sonia has so much points invested into a Stat that wasn’t necessary… if they had taken out 10 points from Spd and put 2 in each other stat she’d have a better advantage


But then their’s the fact that they mentioned him having 2 less Spd, 1 more Def, and 1 less Res

And them saying he has 167 bst when he only has 165 bst

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i never commented on any of that i just wanted to solve ur little puzzle

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And in my original post I mentioned that his stats are wrong… because even if they were including the +3 Atk from weapon and +1 Atk from Prf weapon, his Spd, Def, and Res are still wrong

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it’s due to having a neutral iv vs having boons/banes in the stats
love you boo :catlove:

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It has nothing to do with boons or banes, the person was comparing both at being neutral

get the hint and eat my furry ass i’m not here for a pissing contest

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Exactly what “hint” are you you implying. The person was comparing both at neutral IV’s and you mentioned boons/banes which aren’t even being implied in the comparison

Yo blame the robot not me.

Not my fault skynet sucks

(it’s the bot on the GP discord)

I mean I wasn’t blaming you… but someone should update that Bot cuz it’s dumber than me

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Eh, its moreso him having a prf that makes him much scarier than Sonia. Sonia really just needed a prf to go with her stats, Baby Lyon coming along just kinda threw dirt on a coffin that was already buried.

Atk stat is the main difference stat wise here, prf weapon atk boost that also gives +3 atk while being a superboon oof.

Edit: I just realized i commented on a year old thread wtf my bad lmfao


That difference in Atk is damning.

That said, Lyon is one of my favorite FE villains and Sonia is one of my least favorite ones for reasons pertaining to their characters so I am not at all dissatisfied with this outcome. Especially when I get to fodder Sonia off all I want.