Well, This just happened

Got her in 5 drops. I have no idea what happened with this game in this couple of months.

During Mostima Banner got her in 2 drops. I didn’t remember what was my pity counter at that time, but I’m pretty sure it was not close to 50.

Then spent in Saria/Siege Banner, got duplicate Siege in 7.

3 days ago, got top operator tag. Got Shining (didn’t have her before) in the process.

Yesterday, got senior operator tag, got Blue Poison (also didn’t have her).

Yostar, what’s going on???

Did I just spent all of my luck for the year???

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Yup, from now on you’ll have to max the pity meter to get any 6*s at all. Good luck saving 300 rolls for W.

Seriously though, gratz–sounds like you got a string of pretty good luck here, so you should be nice and set for a while :blush: Hoping to get Blaze myself at some point–wasn’t as crazy excited as some other folks here but I’m loving her attitude in the storyline so far. Duffel bag gods didn’t favor me this time, just got a dupe Skyfire.

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LOL, yup that’s how practicing Gachaism feels like.

After this, I’m even prepared for incoming Aak drop from Nian Banner. (´;ω;`)