Well... This made my day

I’ve been having a pretty crappy day, but these two showed up and it made me happy

I was able to catch them :3


Very nice!

Wow, wild Unown are incredibly rare outside of Safari Zone/Go Fest types of events, so consider yourself very lucky! Awesome finds!!!

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How do I still NOT have an Unown??!!!

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Yep :3
I found it by my school’s library

Dang that’s rad. Letter…I? Mine was an A.

Yep, it’s an I

Two very nice finds!!!

Have a great day today, tomorow,…

I also found her, Tuesday

Thanks :3

You too

Wow, that is really something to celebrate! Have you considered a lottery ticket yet? Finding an Unown outside of events is rarer than finding a Dragonite wild spawn. Truly fits, “I” for “Incredible” luck.

My first Unown was around 3 years earlier, was also a wild spawn “I”. That was the first and last time I saw a wild Unown. I have caught a dozen Unown since then, but they are all that events, so those Unown “don’t count”!

Surprisingly, I actually won 1,000 dollars last year.


Daaaaamn, send some of that luck my way, yeah? :joy:

And I considered myself lucky for hatching a 93% Riolu. Thanks guys for putting my feet on earth :unamused::unamused::unamused:

That’s still lucky. I’ve almost NEVER hatched a Riolu. I transferred one because it had bad IVS and I’ve never hatched another one since. I’m slowly regretting my decision, since Lucario is GOOD against the Boogeymen (Admins)!

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I hatched one in a 7km egg got in the Sinnoh event by accident with extremely low expectances thinking it would be Combee (the chinese tear event just hatched 2 and both were Shuckle). My reaction when I saw the surprise literally was “it exists”.

I’ve NEVER hatched one, during that. It was either Hippopotas or Buizel. I got the rare Gible, but that’s it. Other times, it was Mantyke and I don’t need that baby Pokemon, since Mantine isn’t that great in Gyms or fighting

Mantine is god-tier in GL! Keep a good baby Mantyke (they’re cute anyway) and give it that 2nd charge attack. Mantine totally wrecks as a GL opener with Bubble Beam+Ice Beam!

I thought that was Azumarill that was God tier

In GL there are several that are god-tier. Azumarill is the one everyone was talking about but honestly, it has a number of easy counters. Mantine does as well but in neutral situations (i.e. when you don’t know what your opponent will use) it does very well. Lots cheaper than Azumarill too!