Well this one guy wrote about harvesting crops

I guess farming in AK isn’t something that gets discussed that much. I’m interested to see where people are currently farming and why?

Recently I’ve been looking at 3 different spreadsheets for anyone that’s interested.

1 - link - doesn’t account for tier 1 or lmd or exp.

2 - link - shows you the difference with and without T1 and T4.

3 - link - allows you to include tier 1 and tier 2 at 1/3 value of higher tier and accounts for lmd and exp.

4 - link - where all the data is taken from even though it tends to differ slightly.

It’s important to remember that resources that you have a large stock of (and that will probably be restocked by future events) actually have very little value and that definitely needs to be taken into consideration when thinking about sanity value (none of the spreadsheets do that).

I’ve switched from using the first spreadsheet to the third one recently. None of them are perfect but it’s worth looking into all three.

It would be great to see a discussion about farming in general. How have you guys decided on the spots you are farming?

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For me I’m just farming 5-10 mostly if I don’t have a goal in mind. Mostly due to 5-10 being slightly more sanity efficient in the long run.

See I was farming 5-10 as well, because rocks and gadgets seem to be what you fall short on. But apparently both 3-4, and 4-10 are better sources of gadgets. And 1-7 is the best place for rocks on their own.

Actually link 1 does has best map for T1 item. But yea no LMD or XP comparisons (which isn’t strictly necessary, I personally think LMD/XP is a separate farm altogether with Base augmenting it)

I need a heccing long screen for Link 2 lol.

Link 3 looks nice, I’ll take a deeper look at it.

Definitely worth a read, I’ve been deciding based on link1 traditionally because I’ve never bothered to find alternate sources of info. Perhaps this will change my farming habits.

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There’s a good reason why I choose to farm 5-10 if I need both. It’s because leaving it up to chance is sometimes the best way to go. Especially if you’re running them a 100 or more times because by then nothing is efficient. If I’m already going to waste away a 100 runs for 1 item then might as well get more back for my sanity. I could either spend 60-90 (sometimes even more if you are really unlucky with S3-4) sanity for 1 T3 device or gamble a 21 for 1 T3 device.

Granted the extra drops make up for the differential which warrants the extra runs on S3-4 but other than that the gamble usually pays off.

Well I wouldn’t switch to 3-4 because of the chance of polyester which I don’t think anyone needs, especially right now.

a 4-10 / 1-7 rotation might be worth some consideration though if you can make a relaible farm at 4-10.

Yeah 4-10 is a real kicker for FrostNova is harder to manage then Faust and Meph due to her instakill. It took me a good while to make a consistent enough farming comp.

I’m mostly farming between 4-10 (tho it’s a bit RNG-dependent considering FrostNova makes squares unusable at random, so potentially it can screw your auto-battle; I’ve only been affected at a final stage so far, where it wasn’t crucial, but if she decides to freeze other squares… well, sht), different chapter 5 locations, and sometimes go to previous chapters when I’m tired of not getting, say, Orirock Cluster, so I produce it with cubes -_- It’s more nerves-efficient. Right now camping at 5-1 for said clusters, and then will probably move to 5-5.
And if I need some material ASAP, and it can be produced from lower tier mats, I’ll go there. Maybe it’s not that sanity-efficient, but when you can see the result with a guaranteed drop and know that four runs will get you everything you need vs who knows how many runs for a higher tier mat that you don’t know when will drop, it’s calming.

That third spreadsheet is a little confusing. 5-5 is an orrion stage, not an orrirock stage, you only get orrirocks from there once in a million years, but apparently it’s sanity effecient

yeah, I know, I’m just planning ahead for after I’m done with orirocks) Since (of COURSE) I need both :fgo_deadinside: And those accursed integrated devices.
Me: ok, so I need one integrated device to master Exu’s 3rd skill. I’ll go to 4-10.
Game: here’s your optimized device drop.
Me: … … … look, thanks for a very rare drop, BUT I REALLY NEED THE OTHER ONE :fgo_deadinside: you know, just the rare one.

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I don’t know those nicknames of materials, so I’ll just use their in-game name instead.
I need some Optimized Devices at the moment, so I intend to farm 5-10, since both mats 5-10 can drop are needed for Optimized Device. In that case, I just need to farm less Orirock Clusters, or even don’t need to farm them at all.
I prefer stages with side drops that I need, so I can save some time by doing this. This strategy might be obviously profitable for a long time, or say, when you need to E2 or M3 a bunch of operators.

I usually farm only Exp in supply maps when LMD is closed.
Else, i farm LMD.

No matter if you have factories and Trades, in my opinion LMD and EXP are never enough.

And since game is generous and throw at us tons of new operators each month…

I’ve been farming 4-6 for T3 rocks. Been getting them every couple runs or so with a T2 or T4 in between. Sometimes there’s a Khol mixed in.

Tho right now I’m aiming for LMD for base upgrades.

It feels like LMD hell is even worse than QP hell :fgo_deadinside: Esp when it comes to leveling your operators past lvl60 even at E1.
Me: I’m going to finally max level my E1 Texas!
Also me, a minute later: and now I’m gonna camp in LMD Farmlands because why not :fgo_deadinside:
I wish LMD drops from main story quests were more significant.


Getting Max Level in FGO is definitely easier if you don’t count grails. Plus lotto season makes it so we can get 999,999,999 QP for upgrades.

Even in the lotto during Summer it wasn’t much

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Every time I think I’ve saved up a sizable sum of LMD, my operators look at me with funny eyes.


Grails are also easy when a lotto hits. QP+EXP. I mean, I grailed Gil last Da Vinci lotto literally because I hated burning extra EXP T_T had to burn them anyway afterwards, but still :'D

Yeah, having so many operators employed makes a hefty dent in a budget :fgo_jeannu: They won’t lift a finger without a bribe :fgo_insane:


Every time I think I’m getting close to the LMD Cap for an E2, I end up having to level other OPs


Someone has changed the Kohl value on the 3d spreadsheet without any explanation as to why. This changes the Kohl map 4-4 from the most sanity efficient to one of the least.

I assume it’s a mistake and can’t think of any reason for the sudden drop in value. Hopefully it’s fixed soon, or some feasible explanation is given.