Well, yes, of course that would happen

Yes, I managed to find matches, in case you want to try.

Got the missing point from the same player.

Now let me be, game.


It’s sad we can’t use emote in battle. I also got the same whale twice (+10L!Tiki + H!Myrrh + B!Alm + OG!Myrrh and rein), I would’ve liked to use a little “welcome back” or “hello again” emote!

Funnily enough on the 2nd battle his Rein swapped his lull atk/res to lancebreaker in hope to counter my B!Hector, but that didn’t work out for him :feh_rein:


I’ve battled the same players in consecutive matches several times. The first time yesterday, I got matched with the same player 3 times in a row. I won twice and they immediately surrendered the third time.

I got to 200+ favor before changing to pre-book IV, it was getting ridiculous. I changed Bedel to BK and then changed him to Bector around 750 mostly to counter Ophelia so, of course, I got to 1000 without seeing another one.

Today I even got a draw against someone I had lost against in the prior match.