Welp. Now I know what to do with my spare Winter Tharja

I’m making enemy phase Canas-

aNd No OnE cAn StOp Me!

(Don’t mind Vantage, I just needed something to fill in the b slot)


YES Canas
Who is he supported with?


Kagero. Although that was before I remembered AR Defense teams don’t have supports.

Now it’s kinda just there.

The idea was, she initiated on a target, took damage, then Canas could WoM Bond nuke anyone in range.


I’d probably go with Wings of Mercy for the B slot and maybe a Bond for the Seal depending on what you’re going for.

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Probably Spd/Def cause he’s gonna end up with 40 res when I’m done with him.

Shit someone else has a good Canas but I forget who

Was it Sir_of_Coffee? :thinking:


No idea :feh_ohgod: