Welp, Tri Attack stats are out

This is depressing.

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Hmmm I think I’ll stick with return.

Well… I didn‘t hope for Tri Attack to be so absurdely broken that P-Z gets highest non-Shadow neutral DPS, but this is somewhat disappointing, not gonna lie. Synchronoise wasn‘t this bad, and it wasn‘t anything outstanding either.

Oh well, other CDs will come with hopefully better moves.

i think it’s porygon’s defense stats and typing that made it horrible. On paper, Lock-on is a 5 energy per turn move, so it only takes 10 turns (5 seconds) to fire a 65 damage attack. That’s faster than Snorlax’s body slam that takes 12 turns (6 seconds) to charge, more damage, and chance to lower opponent stats. But with porygon’s stats, it’s just not enough to take anyone out, and debuffs can easily be erased by switching. In great league it’s just as frail as a Haunter, and in ML it’s a thinner than machamp.

This was a better investment of my ECTMs than that Porygon Garbage.

Context: The second move

The combination of Tri Attack and Lock-On is actually insanely good. It’s just Porygon that lacks bulk and needs something like a Hydro Cannon clone to be truly viable. And this is not that Hydro Cannon clone

before they revealed the move theory articles generally agreed that even if tri attack was the best move in the game porygon would still be super risky and niche because of its typing and frailty… and now the move isn’t even good. I really like this pokemon though; hopefully they’ll buff the move? They’ve debuffed a few community day moves and signature moves in the past so I’m hoping it’s a possibility

I’m working on a normal type castform, I expect it to do better

Castform is gonna 100% be the GOAT in GL if Jellicent ever gets released and takes some or most of Azu’s workload.

Why would you say that? And which Castform?

My assumption is Rainy, but idk. I’ve seen various Castforms “work”, sorta, but they’re really mediocre.

Resists ghost moves and has access to energy ball and hex to deal super effective back.
Can also beat Azu under certain circumstances (bait/moveset/shield dependent)

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Would be cool if Porygon 2 had tri attack thougj

Hey well maybe people should have voted for grimer or catapie instead lol

No. Caterpie is already available and Butterfree doesnt become viable with the new move.

Grimer’s moves didnt really change much, and the Alolan version would be raid locked.

No matter what Pory is better than those because it’s a new unreleased shiny, so even if it’s entirely unusable, it’s still a new collection piece.


and for everything else, it reaches normal weather ball in 3 hexes, making it a total spam master

This. I’m disappointed that Tri Attack is so mediocre, but even so, Grimer and Butterfree still would have been inferior options for the reasons you listed.

With this update, i think it’s somewhat usable if things like castform can be GOAT… 50% debuff change and 65 damage is high, but the P-Z’s stats…

In Ultra it CAN beat Giratina-A…if G-A has SC. Niantic logic now declares it a valuable move. Bigger question: can Niantic’s logic eventually change.

I don’t think porygon z was really meant for GL. It maxes out at like 3k doesn’t it? It’ll find some niche use in the premier cups I’m sure. Every thing is playable there. Not Castform tho. Maxes out too low. I guess the premier cups are safe from the GOAT…for now…

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Great League #4. Different one shiny Ultra League #44. The only lucky after 50 or 60 trades was a level 30 14/15/15. Not too much to cheer about, but at least some good ones for what it is (it isn’t much)