so I lost my phone and with the phone being lost means my acc is also lost,
is there any other way that I could recover my acc?
(besides the transfer code ofc)


hooo boy. You lost your phone.

Good thing you didn’t lose your account if these things happened.
You have a good memory and memorized the following info:
Your Support Lineup
Your Phone Model
The receipt of the last purchase you made (if you ever made one)
Your “My Room” Favorite Servant
Your Birthday
Your Master Level
Your Master name
Your Master Gender
How old your account is
Your Friend Code
Approximate time you last logged on.

You email [email protected]
and send them the above information, and within 48 hours they should get back to you
with a new Transfer number and password.
They operate on Japanese time zone though, so if ur like me and are in the Eastern Standard Time,
they will reply to you between 1am to 4am.

What to do when you forget to issue transfer number when changing acc?
So guys?
Trying to Recover Old Account
Account Recovery

you should remove this post as it’s a security risk for your account.


Reminder we all should bind our acounts.


And that we shouldn’t save the code on the very same phone (like I once did when my phone started to freak out. Luckily it did not freak out enough for me to lose the code, but it was close)


Yeah, this is important too. Never store it in the same device.


It’s now in the notes section of Lastpass (online password manager). Now I will never lose it!.. As longe as I don’t lose my master-password…


do i have to remember all of the above?
or do i have to provide some other more accurate details?


That’s pretty much all you need.

And yes you do need to have if not all, then most of the above if you want a decent chance to prove that you do own the lost account.