Were the banner rates always this bad?

I have pulled five 5* units from this Splash of Adventure banner so far, and not a single one of them is actually a featured unit. I pull non-featured stuff from time to time, but it has never been this bad for me. Did they change the summon rates, or am I just unlucky? Or was I just lucky in the past?

I’m kind of losing my will to summon on this banner anymore, because I don’t really care for more eldwater…

Thats how gachas are sometimes you are super lucky sometimes you are not … This banner is not limited so I wouldn’t stress it too much. Also I wouldnt say i don’t really care for eldwater too soon ( unless somehow you have stockpiled enough to be in the millions) because you need it to promote 4 star characters and to complete mana circles.

You’re just being unlucky.

This banner actually has better rates than the previous ones: they changed the 5* dragon from 0.5% focus + 1.5% off-focus to 0.8% focus + 1.2% off-focus.

That’s just Gacha for you, On Gala I did 10 full summons and only two 5* dragons, Here I got Summer Celliera, Ranzal and Karina after 2 pulls, So it kind of happens, don’t worry.

oh no my friend, they were much worse and nothing would make you cry more than breaking pity rate with 5* wyrmprint : D

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