Were you *actually* prepared for Setsubun?

We were all warned by DW that it was coming and given multiple chances to prepare for it. I’m sure some of us were even convinced we were totally ready.

Were you?

I myself thought I was ready, but I’ve found that I’m struggling on the Rider floors, and to a smaller extent Casters. (I’m also having Berserker headaches, but mostly for “Who can I use to kill these without hurting myself later on?”)

I’d completely forgotten that my only leveled Assassins were First Hassan at ~lvl 60 and Mochizuki at 40 (literally only leveled her to First Ascension so I’d stop seeing her hideous 1st form.) I used the EXP cards that the event’s been handing out to get Danzo to 58, but her NP isn’t exactly dealing much damage.

In regards to Caster floors, my only leveled Riders are Maid Alter at 70 and Martha at 53. This is less of a problem, because Maid is going to kill them without too much trouble, but it takes longer.

Yup, now to MLB damage CE


I personally think I over-prepared a little. I am at floor 99, and the only reason why I couldn’t get there on the first day was a lack of time. As in, not the cooldowns, but the fact that I had no time to play the game.

But then again, after the recent lotto events, I am sitting on 16 leveled and skilled SSRs and over 55 leveled SRs, so I had a lot to work with.


I can blow through 40 floors in one sitting just fine so I guess I’m prepared for the event. My only real issue are Caster nodes for most of my leveled servants are Assassins and I only got 3 leveled riders (Medusa, Alex, and Ushi).

Yes, I was prepared. I’m doing about just as well as I’d assume too.

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I have everyone leveled, just didn’t expect the loading times between the battles to be extra long to show off every few statues or exp you got from clearing it. :fgo_badciv:

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As prepared as I could be. Not from going overboard on trying to be prepared, but just rather at this point I’ve got everyone on my roster leveled. Bit more variety in skill levels, but that’s not a problem.

No major issues thus far.

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Wow… now I feel like a scrub…


Naw just that some people will be more prepared because of various reasons.

I went hog wild during the x-mas lotto and did alright on the Vinci one so I had tons of embers to burn through and now have very few low lvl servants left.

But I doubt many players have that luxury.

Speaking of which the single best thing to happen to me was getting my first Kscope during the Vinci lotto. That helps this event a TON!


It really does. I’ve had EX+ Rank wrong luck for some time, and I got my first K-scope while rolling for Altera, and ended up with 2 more since. And I am so grateful for that. That 5% difference between MLB IE and K-scope makes a big difference.

I raised all 174 of my servants to max level.

Super prepped.


Well if it makes you feel better, I am totally not prepared.

Since I am only 2 months into the game I may have some strong servants by now, but the size of my leveled roster is not too impressive. So I am getting stopped by the cooldowns quite often.
I have just cleared the 50th floor, but I do not expect to get all 200 floors done. That’s no problem though since I never planned to, I just want to grab some mats like those Magatama thingies (I haven’t been able to get those anywhere else yet but my Hokusai wants 10 of them for her final ascension).

So yeah, I hope I can make it to floors 105 & 135 for those Magatama stacks :fgo_jeannu:

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How long have you been playing?

As Lost OG Saber said, there are different variables that can help your play through. I didn’t have too much luck between my newbie phase and I guess ‘should be an expert but not an expert phase’. Between having to use lower rarities and liking a lot of the silver & bronze servants I tend to prioritize leveling servants and thus always make sure I have emergency mats to ascend servants as well as using resources to level them. I also got a K-scope during my newbie days and that really has been helping out a lot during this event.

Different factors and variables determines the difficulty of this event.

Lel yeah I’m at floor 165 so yeah I felt like I was super prepared. It’s not like I prepared for setsubun it just happened that me leveling all my servants gold and low rarity paid off in the end. I mean what else am I suppose to do with the extra lottery exp? Burn it? Yeah right but yes prepared and the ce makes it a super easy event

Have you been using a full party for each floor?

I’ve been throwing in a strong AoE Servant with K-scope, and two trash servants, nothing else.


Actually, if you use the hot springs smartly, you can definitely get through he remaining floors.

You only need to clear 30 floors/day to be on pace. That’s super accomplishable.


Yeah I have been doing that, only using 3 slots, an AoE servant & K-scope works well for the easier fights, I only use weak servants for the other 2 slots here.
For the “boss” fights I bring a proper team though.

I should be able to clear a couple more floors before going to bed (EU), since I have just beaten floor 50 I should be fine I think.
As I said my big goal is technically floor 135 so that I get enough Magatamas for Oui, as long as I can do that I will be content :fgo_astolfo:

Christmas and DaVinci let me at least max ascend all of the low rarities I’ve been ignoring, so lots of fodder let’s me get through 39 in one sitting. I could max level everyone if I wanted, but I’m not that deep in reverse ember hell to need to do that for servants just making up the numbers.


95 servants leveled but I have it easy.

I will fix this number later.


Figured it would be more difficult but it’s been really easy
As long as you have a good number of servants leveled, log in a few times through the day, and use the hot springs on your more versatile servants, you can finish the event with ease and be really quick about it. Just be sure not to use more than one Command Seal or you might not have them for if you have trouble with the CQ