Wha.. I'm.. what is this

What is ML Kaweriks kit
Why is he a support warrior


Damn SG really made my boi a 5* Kitty Clarissa smh


It honestly broke my heart when I looked at this kit
I dont even know if I want to summon him anymore…


S3: kills all debuffs then applies atk buff and immunity with a 4 turn cooldown… ehh, could work with some comps

S2: single target, lowers enemy atk and applies barriers to your team with suprise suprise… another 4 turn cooldown. That cooldown really hurts this build badly, should of been a 3 turn cooldown at least

S1: single target, increase CR to the next member who’s gonna get the next turn on your team. I can actually see this being useful IF everyone in a match had the same spd on the CR gauge starting around 80%+ on it and you need a member to break away from the cluster from the vid to start there turn next in pvp, otherwise its a meh skill and can screw up your team comp order. Don’t want the slower dps unit whos luckily 2% more on the CR gauge than your faster buffer who can lap your dps but couldn’t get that turn in to buff due to everyone being at 85%+ on CR gauge

Honestly he should have been kept a mage… but dingus orb would have made him potent maybe???

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