Whack L!Hector Idea for AR

So I’ve been working on a Galeforce team that uses Ostia’s Pulse and Firesweep-esque weapons to function and it’s pretty good, but I don’t quite have enough attacks to KO the defense team in one round. I have an idea for making L!Hector a little better than he is currently and like some feedback. Right now he just runs a standard build with Smite, but I’m thinking of handing the Smite role off to my bonus unit and running something like this instead:

Brave Axe+
Heavy Blade
Wings of Mercy
Ostia’s Pulse
Quickened Pulse

The idea is, L!Ephraim gets smitten onto a bolt trap, triggers desperation and activates Galeforce, also triggering Atk Smoke to make the rest of the Heavy Blades easier to activate, Soleil Wings of Mercies in and Firesweeps something and Galeforces, L!Hector does the same thing and Brave Axes someone to Galeforce, then L!Azura Gray Waves someone if needed to clean up. Hector is obviously the weak link here, any suggestions to improve upon this idea?

And in case anyone is curious about the rest of the team:

Flame Sigmund
Ardent Sacrifice/Reposition
Heavy Blade
Atk Smoke
Brazen Atk/Def

Firesweep Sword+
Swift Sparrow
Wings of Mercy
Def Smoke
Flashing Blade

Prayer Wheel
Gray Waves
Triangle Adept
Wings of Mercy
Atk Tactic
Gale Dance

Bonus Unit

I used to use a very similar composition: L.Hector, L.Ephraim, B.Celica, refresher. I sometimes did it with a ranged cavalier who would take out one opponent, but I also considered giving L.Hector WoM, except my idea was just Thunder Armads death blow OHKO because I wanted to keep armoured boots on him. If my galeforcers can get rid of four units, in many cases I only need him to get rid of one.

That’s true. My Hector is also not +atk, which will make procing heavy blade kinda dicey with a Brave Axe. If only we had an inheritable axe that had WoM built in, then I could run Bold Fighter…