What a day

Anybody else in? That was great! Better than the last 38 community days. A new legendary and caught three of them. Three new mons and evolved one of them. Again over 2600 in GBL. Windy weather and soooo many boosted dragons around.

And finally this…


Just so we’re on the same page… what are you referring to?

Caught 3 Xerneas, evolved 1 of each of the new releases, caught shed loads of boosted dratini and bagon?
Also a Level 1 Gengar?

Sounds like a good day, I’ve been enjoying the dragons particularly. Still need a good shiny mence.

I’m aiming to put a good dent in my Platinum dragon and fairy medals. I need about 1100 more Fairy and way too many Dragon.

Going to guess 0/13/13 Gengar @stativision?

Definitely enjoying the event so far. Mostly the boatload of wild dragons (this event + Dratini spotlight hour will hopefully let me power up my best Dragonite to 50!) Gible being in 7k eggs and field research is also really nice. Finally, Goomy spawns actually seem…decent! At least for this event anyways. I was honestly worried it was going to be at Deino/Axew-tier rarity.

Did a few Xerneas raids, and while its movepool is just terrible, good lord does it look majestic. Such a cool looking Pokemon.

The big surprise of the day, however, was this lil’ guy.


@Oaf put it straight ;) had a lot of fun yesterday, can’t remember when just going out and catching was so refreshing… And(also @Squiffy) the gengar was just funny. Can’t remember that i caught more than three already evolved gengar and then a level 1(or1.5)? That’s weird. Haven’t had a look at the stats though :D

Oh, @BlameScott , great. I also completely second you @xerneas. I also lvl50-hope for my hundo dragonite, but don’t know, yesterday got nearly 30 for maybe 2 hrs, but it was windy, also many dragonairs…
Oh, and I also forgot this research reward

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Surely better than community days!

Bagon and D’nite candy never hurts. Getting closer to this platinium dragon metal. Quite a few shadows trying to finally purify 100 for leveling up (refuse to use anything but 1000 dust ones). Some new pokemon. A new legendary.

To be fair it was good to be out for a change!

It really is good, isn’t it? I’ve got hope that maybe I can get my dragon platinum badge this year, I’m way short currently, but if I can catch,say, 20-30 per day this event, plus dratini spotlight hour, I’m straight back in the hunt.

Plus, ralts are all over the place, so good time for getting XL ralts candy for the two Mega Evo’s.

Xerneas might be a bit nothing in terms of use currently, I’m finding the raid interesting because of the limited counters (any excuse to bring out the Metagross team) and that the moveset is unpredictable. It’s also a chance to use my Mega Beedrill, which I’ve not done yet - I’m incredibly sparing with them for obvious reasons. Plus, all the candy can be safely stockpiled because there’s no FOMO in that currently, there’s nothing to miss about using it.

Then there’s triple xp to look forward to next week. All good here.

I still need 1800 dragons, can’t do that for the medal i guess :D

But speaking about ralts: what would you (and all the others @Squiffy @carodavide @BlameScott ) do with that catch of the day (just one minute ago)?


What day/event is triple xp?

When we hit (well, when niantic tell us we’ve hit) 500m fairy catches this week; the following week, starting 11th I think, will be triple xp.

It’s a hundo of a useful type, so for me it deserves some love.

Don’t know what gender it is, but my first thought, resources permitting, is to max it for one of the Mega’s. I think Mega evo’s are so expensive and costly, they need the best to make them the best value. So for me I’m going for lucky shinies or if not, a hundo. If I have neither of those, mega can wait.

If not a mega, I’d likely try and max it anyway, I like Gardevoire, it looks cool, it’s an alternative option for a bit of interest and if people are using mega altaria now, it would be boosted.

My PvP related input is pretty sparse, but I suppose a hundo isn’t really good for that anyway.

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Anybody else in? That was great! Better than the last 38 community days. A new legendary and caught three of them.

Too bad the new legendary and all of the other raids are complete and utter Garbage bar Togetic.

A legendary that cannot be used in both Raids and PvP is astounding.

Nice high level too @stativision, looks like Mega/ML Gallade to me. Not too useful for ML but why not eventually, low priority. I’ve always gone on the theory that the male ralts family should be used for Gallade’s, being the harder of the two evolutions to get good stats for right, 100% of ralts/kirlia can become Gardevoir, only 50% can become Gallade.

Unless you already have a high level Gallade, I wouldn’t bother upgrading if you’ve already invested in one. Gardevoir in that case.

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@Mr-ex777, feel the positives for once!!! Thundurus vs Xerneas? Bagon vs trubbish? Shadows back on? dratini spotlight? Triple XP? SITUATION HAS HAVE IMPROVED!!!

I know, it could be better, it should be hundo shiny legendaries for spotlight hour with x10 dust and x10XP but…

I would rise the hundo gardevoir, I myself have a 98 lucky at 40 now.

@stativision It is good as an anchor in dragon raids lasting longer and still putting some pressure. For ML premier it can be used as a “cheap” togekiss and it can also be used for shadows.


Thundurus vs Xerneas?

Thundurus is better than Xerneas in any form or way, viability-wise. It’s not much, but it is.

Yea, it’s a male so I can evolve it into both forms. I guess mega gardevoir is better for dragon raids specifically, while gallade has more overall usage (fighting type), but because I have my share of (Shadow)machamps, I will go for gardevoir as suggested.
@Squiffy - yea, for ML that’s the question… Gallade and gardevoir both are niche picks at best, but as @carodavide suggested, gardevoir (xl) can be used as Togekiss generic with the advantage of shadow ball…
My problem is, i don’t have a good one of either, two gardevoir (85% only) at around 2500 and one gallade at <2000 which i want to power up for UL one day.

I suppose as well that having the secondary psychic typing and being likely to hit the scene long before Mega M2, Mega Gardevoire would be good every now and again when Psychic types, well ok M2, is effective.

Can’t just contain your toxicity to your own posts? Have to infect other people’s too huh?

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