What A skill for Deirdre?

I got Deirdre today on the free summon of the weekly summoning revival banner (yeah I was lucky :sweat_smile:). She is +Res but - Atk (good asset but bad flaw). I want to build her as a magic tank because I already have offensive green mages. So I decided to keep her basic build but I’m hesiting on what A skill I can give to her.
Particularly between Mirror Stance or Atk/Res Bond.

Can you give me some advices?

Mirror Stance and Atk/Res Bond are good options. Fury also works very well, since Divine Naga’s refine takes your visible stat for the comparison. It also helps with Ploys, but the 6 points of damage can be an issue.

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The issue is that Fury doesn’t synergies well with Quick Riposte so I prefer not to use these skills together.

It works out pretty well if you have a healer or Eir on your team. But otherwise I agree that it isn’t too great. Mirror Stance and Atk/Res Bond will be more consistent.

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OK I’ll go for Mirror Stance I think. Thank you for your advices :wink: