What a weird GUDAGUDA Event

I mean GUDAGUDA is always weird with the Nobbu’s basically taking over the game but the bonuses that certain classes got when compared to the best farming locations for the mats left me baffled. For example Giant Snake Shrine has only archers and is the best place for Fragrant Thatch yet there are no lancers that have that as a bonus. The same is true for assassins vs Riders at Dazzing Shrine for wood and except for Oda Nobukatsu a 1 star servant the same is true for Sabers at the Former Yamataikoku Shrine. If this event gets a Revival Lite I hope they change which Servants get which buffs. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed the story and the main quests but that one think just leaves me to wonder what were they thinking. So what do you guys think about my complaint as well as the event is it’s entirety.


See, if you had a maou nobu, Nobukatsu, Himiko, and Castoria or Merlin, you wouldn’t have that problem. :fgo_gudako:

In all seriousness, Nobukatsu and the Nobu servants were the main stars of this event. Himiko and Saito notwithstanding, if you didnt have a Nobu variant, it wouldn’t make sense looking straight at it, but it you look at it as Nobukatsu as the star, then it becomes a lot clearer. :fgo_davinci_coffee:


I thoroughly enjoyed it and thought making it so class advantage didn’t align with the drop bonus was totally fine.

I dont think it’s really a problem, it was still fine enough to farm, it just seems counterintuitive

The best improvement they could have made imo was making the raids drop all mats so you dont have thousands of one or two and none of the other when part 2 comes

Honestly, they could have made a certain raid a bit more durable if they knew it would be killed that quickly. Just imo.

I’m just saying like make Nagao Kagetora drop the thatch, have Mysterious Heroine X, Li Shuwen, Okada Izo and maybe even Okita J Souji drop the wood, and have Archer Nobbu, Nobukatsu, Archer Gil, Emiya, Tawara Touta drop the clay. No servants changed but drop rates for the restoration is vastly improved.

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I could’ve sworn they did do something like that. Huh, must be remembering it differently.

Archer Nobbu, Archer Gil, Emiya, Tawara Touta give wood. Mysterious Heroine X, Li Shuwen, Okada Izo, Okita (Lancer) and Nagao Kagetora give clay. Okita (Saber), Riders and Berserkers give thatch.

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I didnt have a problem with the quick death of everyone’s favorite nobu, I didnt want anything from them anyway

It just sucks to have 1000+ of two mats and none of the third because all of the raids for that one do nothing for you

The standard nodes outside raids also suck which makes finishing the post story rice thing a pain, I didnt even build the 10th level because I wasnt grinding my ass off for metal cheese

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I have to say, tying construction materials to type disadvantage was really not fun.

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Yeah. I basically quit after the 6 or 7 floor and went to starting the LBs.

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I think this one was a “if you appled raids you’re fine anyway, if you didn’t apple you’re screwed anyway” just that the type thing was a harder screwing

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It could have been if there had been a mechanic to it. Like class disadvantage but every Servant you field with disadvantage gives the party 20% attack, 20% NP Gain, and 10 stars a turn. At least then there’s an actual incentive mechanically to try it rather then what we got which was just: choose how you would like to suffer.

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I enjoyed the story but the grinding wasn’t fun, especially after the lottery. I finished the tower but it was a chore. I’m looking for some downtime and wouldn’t mind if the Nightingale rerun was delayed some.

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They already did this for past events. If they follow their usual modus operandi then we will have class advantage tied to bonus for the rerun.

Since the raids were a thing grinding was not that bad. A support Himiko could carry you the whole event.

I didn’t enjoy the grinding for this event, farm mats to build things so you can progress will never not be boring to me… the first summer event was so traumatic that anything that reminds me of that is bad.

In JP, they did correct which servants gave which bonus drops for the rerun to match class advantage on the particular nodes.


I didnt paid much attention because I ran almost all the event with Himiko, Katsu and Maou on first line, Castoria in the 4th place, Okita and Saito. As three of them had Bonus for all mats and I was grinding for Bond anyway, I dont remember farming much for construction mats, most of the times I already have the required amount when there was progress unlocked. But I can see how it could be annoying in different circumstances.

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Backline’d Saito, Nobukatsu, and Himiko, looped everything with DCS Space Ishtar, settled for Thatch and Clay at +3 for the event (Logs at +4 because SpIshtar had a single scene).

I played mostly Himiko, Castoria and Hijikata. With Nobukatsu and Hajime in the back line that’s +3 on everything. With two Queen Priestess it wasn’t three turning but pretty quick and bearable.