What about THIS with my B!Tharja?

My S!Laevatin was pulled specifically to be foddered. It’s not the unit I wanted to fodder her for, since staff units can’t use it, but this is more useful than a 1* Wrys.
Of course, I’m also feeding Tharja the Def/Res Link. I need it to stand a chance against the Xander Generic Green Mage Cavalry GHB. I’ll probably give her Shove for Xander and Reposition for anything else.
Also, I’m hoping that if I get her to +10 I’ll get a +Atk one along the way

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Not sure. Does she really need it? 50 HP, 46 speed, and 29 defense and resistance.

Once she gets into Desperation range she won’t really use the added resistance, and it seems like she doesn’t really need it to enter Desperation range.


I’d have Death Blow 4 instead but it doesn’t have the part where it stops the enemy from following up. Death Impact when IS

We call her “Regret.”


I don’t get this joke but it’s somehow still funny, take a like

Is this for Raids? I can’t really see many units she’ll be fighting to where she needs to deny Follow-up attacks when she has 50 HP, decent mixed bulk, and Desperation.

I spent a very long time looking for a tool to make memes on mobile, be grateful for this meme

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Just to be sure
@discobot fortune
Is @FutabaBestGirl an idiot?

:crystal_ball: Very doubtful

You’re a smart person then
Take it from me, a fun dum. :legion:

Grants atk +16 and foe cannot make a followup attack.

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