What am i expected to do. seriously, what do i even do (long Summoner Duels rant regarding the lamest sob on the planet, Yuri🤮)

I’m ok with being out-tanked, losing to a cooler build or smarter tactics. It’s all fine. I can even deal with the frustration of the enemy team all having 4 movement and pathfinder on top of it, it’s great, I can still put up a fight
But what the hell am I expected to do against shit like lethality Yuri. Seriously. Deadeye pathfinder appearing in your face sucks enough, but what do you do about lethality Yuri. Why is the cooldown not 6 or something, I don’t get it. He’s ranged, has cavalry movement as an infantry, and Canto 2 on top of it all. There is fundamentally no way for my infantry team to reach him without losing at least 2 units to just Yuri. It’s the lamest character in the game with the lamest build, and the loser thinks he’s “honorable.” how are you gonna have a weapon called honorable blade when your assist skill is called “foul play?” He’s like the embodiment of the kid on the playground who always says “nonononono I hit you with my lethal death blow which I always have that instantly kills you and I dodged everything too and oh yeah I can teleport over here too”

Seriously, I’ve never wanted IS to straight up remove a character before. Even Fallen edel-- before I knew how to deal with her. I was fine cause it felt like an intimidating battle that I had to really consider to beat, even if a bit unfair at times. I would only be happy to see Yuri gone. Everybody uses this same kit on him and there’s no workaround. What’s the point of building a character you love when you can build meta units with a personality of hypocrite false honor thief or four oversized flying new years boobs who can kill you in one shot on the first turn?

My team is otherwise really damn good, my main gimmick is damage reduction so you can see why lethality would be upsetting. Maybe Yuri would’ve been fine if volke never came by. Unfortunately nearly every math I’ve played today I’ve lost because everybody has the same cheap Yuri build. It’s so lame. No other character has the sheer amount of bullshit he has, it’s just so many gimmicks and a turn one, one shot move on top of it all. :exploding_head::gun:

How do I deal. How do I cope. I was having a lot of fun with this mode, even losing before every match started to have him. Riev doesn’t help, btw. They all expect him already and place Yuri accordingly. And even if it hits they have pathfinder or a dancer, as always. IS either needs to release a seal that negates… Damage reduction negation, or a assist skill cardinal super-stall that punishes the hell out of movement, and drops special charges by 2. That wouldn’t even be unfair, it would just make the battle playable again. It would take something that extreme, or more, to make it fair.

And if you use him like this, justify how this is fair. Not your use of it, justify how this can reasonably be countered by even a decent percentage of other players. Try to. Just try to.


Sounds tough. A far save specialist seems to be the answer, but Lethality kinda ruins that.

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Whaled out Yuri has about 78 Atk. Lethality will turn 60 Def into 15, 40 into 10, and 20 into 5. So if your unit has 60 Def, you’ll need 64HP to survive lethality. That’s actually a lot in SD.

Next best way to deal? Raventomes. They drop that 78 Atk to 63 (and if it’s Cecilia, down to ~50.) Lethality doesn’t do much when you’re not doing damage to begin with.

Next best after that? Atk infliction. Same idea as the raventomes. Reins, chills, and Prf’s that inflict - whatever Atk on foe during combat. Plegian weapons do it best, or weapons with a similar effect. L!Gunnthra actually does this well and is a great unit to have as support on any team.

Also Riev. Forces the foe to keep Yuri off the front line or keep him out alone to avoid the stall.


I may need to build a Cecilia. My tankiest now if Brave Ike, sitting at 61hp/47def, and even he gets one shot, so I’d need to somehow break even that, which I’m not sure I could do anytime soon

One solution, could a Ascended Fjorm maybe do it? Her HP isn’t fantastic; mine’s at 48 and with stances involved, she’d have 44 def. Her special’s DR isn’t reduced by lethality it seems, I’m just wondering if the B skill applies to that too? If it does, it may be one potential. I’d have to play all around savior though :confused:

Edit: Well, it seems like it could work. At least, it’ll have yuri and other deadeye/lethals backed off. With Odd Tempest on my L!Marth, I should be able to catch them off guard.

I’ll have to see how it works in practice, though, still, my feelings regarding Yuri haven’t changed. It’s still just… way… waaay too much.

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It does apply. Lethality only ignores Prf or B skill DR. Hardy makes Ice mirror, a special, activate twice for a total reduction of 51%. So if 78 Atk Yuri attacks Fjorm with 40 Def, Lethality drops that Def to 10 for a total damage dealt of 108. But ice mirror/Hardy reduces that to 54-5=49. Fjorm doesn’t have that much Def or HP though…

So speaking from how many times I’ve seen W!Lys and Yuri in SD, Cecilia will be your ace. But even then, you’ll need to find 4 more units around her that can close that 5 space gap Yuri will be pushing on you.

But yes: Yuri is cancer in SD. There’s no arguing that. But just like F!Edel is cancer in arena (for most), there are ways around it, and there are even budget ways around it.

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Wow, I never knew Cecilia was onto something like that! Wish it was year one, so copies of her never stopped rolling in haha
For now I’ll have to use Fjorm, but no more sending cecilia home, she’s got a job to do now.

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For this instance, lull Atk/Res is the only guaranteed skill you’ll want. Otherwise like I mentioned, increasing her Def will have severely diminishing returns. So if you give her Res boosting A and C skills she’ll be able to handle blue and colorless units, both physical and magic for you.

I’d go mirror stance 3, C slot doesn’t matter, and Deflect magic seal for those pesky brave weapons.

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Leaving this on a sticky, thanks for all the help. Cecilia’s definitely gonna be a help against my current nemesis :)

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Same thing can work for save mages, too btw. It may not work for much else, but it certainly turns off Yuri’s threat.

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Interesting. I unfortunately dont have any armor mages, nor any saviors at all save for fjorm. Cecilia herself is more optimal, with her higher movement.

Just play pre book 3. Easy.

(no seriously, it’s a lot easier.)


Even better idea, just don’t play SD :feh_thinkinglikelukas:


I love that SD is making everyone see how overpowered player phase units have become. Hopefully, if enough players complain about it, IS will deactivate Canto or restrict it to one unit per team (like they did with saves, even though they are not as opressive). Same for brave effects, they are out of hand and the seals are not enough.

I just want to point out that Even Pulse Tie might also work as a counter (does it work on SD?). Sure SD is no place for support units, but if you use someone like Loki or plan to use the new GHB unit, EPT might be worth considering.


PvP in a gacha is just a bad idea in general tbh. These games are rarely well balanced due to power creep.


You don’t need to convince me. I think SD(-R) is a huge mistake, but some seem to enjoy it.


Oh not just SD. All PvP.


Pulse tie I was really considering until I read " inflicts Special cooldown count+2 on foe with the lowest HP among those foes"
That’s likely not gonna hit anyone important :/

Yeah, it’s not a great idea but it’s something I’ve wanted since launch and I do get a lot of fun from. To just throw it out into the open like they did is really the only way to get a feel for what’s wrong with it, so I’m hoping they come out with proper balancing for it. It’s not like they don’t try to balance the game

But yeah as it currently stands, if they were to leave it as-is it would be a majorly flawed experience


That’s the lowest HP among the units with a charged special.


Like @Zartholomew3K says, it’s the lowest with a precharged specials. How many enemies with specials ready do you face? I haven’t tried SD yet, but I was hoping EPT would work, thinking Yuri would be the only one with precharged stuff on a team.

I can see QP LSigurd messing things up… I really don’t want to have to run both EPT and OPT on my teams… There’s no room for all of that.

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