What arcane weapon will the next Rearmed have?

Just for fun. Which do you think or want. Idk if they will do all colors inheritable, or only that color (ie blue tome only), so I’ll leave it general for now.

  • Lance
  • Axe
  • Bow
  • Dagger
  • Tome
  • Staff
  • Dragon
  • Beast

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I’ll go first.

Personally, my main nostalgia is in Nowi, my first 5* unit ever, so she would be cool. Especially now they have DC S options.


I’d love for it to be a Staff.

Palm Staff is nice and all, but I’d love for my Lachesis (and by extention Scion Nanna) to hold an actual PRF weapon and be actually useable in combat.

If they’re not going to give the F2P Healers Refines this would be the next best thing.


Seconding @GetKosiorekt on Staff since they could get the most out of the new Arcane weapon feature

Personally, Axe for Titania and potentially F!Shez. Also a defensive Bow for NY!Anna since she’s screwed out of a seasonal refine.


What I think: I’m feeling an axe. Just a hunch
What I want: BOW


I have a feeling next will be Tome.

So far we have two possibilities of such: Bruno and Veronica.


I would want a Tome next ; 2 Seasonal Camilla’s that will never get refines are Blue and Green Tome, so getting them a definitive Pseudo-PRF would be what I want.


Thinking about outclassed units then staff deserve it the most


To the people who want a tome, I offer you the monkey’s paw: it’s a colorless tome.


I second the staff notion just so i can give my mikoto something thats not her lame ass prf and so my emmeryn can be dusted off the bench.

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bow, solely because we just got summer joshua in hof and I need him to be able to function as a unit


I want an axe or lance for my minervas, but I’m going to go doomer mode and suspect we’ll get a 2nd sword that’s atk/spd based :feh_tooobin:

I second wanting a good Green tome for my Summer Elise, but I suspect Bruno’s new blue tome will be next.


Surprise us all and make the bow, time, beast, dragon weapon multi-colored. Be equippable by any unit of that weapon type regardless of color lol

Axe would be great. For titania.


My guess is a lance so Sharena can get it next.

On which unit? Someone who needs an excuse to get yet another alt, for example Ephraim.


I mean, that’s how almost all of those have worked, except for beasts which don’t have a single inheritable weapon

Only tomes separate by color


My hope is red tome so I can give it to Arete. Raurfox just isn’t good enough and Scion Julia is the only other Atk/Spd tome. Come on red Thrasir.

Much as I’d love a rearmed breath for A!Tiki, I doubt that’ll be anytime soon as IS greatly overvalue dragons and beasts.

Wait. You think IS actually remember Sharena and Anna exist?

Partly joking but also kinda not.


Demerit isssued to @Dragginz for not choosing his namesake


While I would LOVE an arcane breath for someone like Y!Tiki, I don’t have high hopes. … Or any for that matter.

The chances of Ascended (or Rearmed) Eir simultaneously seem high and low as hell. But the chances of 1$ backsliding into another Draggin meta imo are zero.


But then the question is… how good is it, no matter what it does Niime will appreciate it (still odd that she didn’t get a prf being Colorless and all), Xane is an odd ball since his only good stat is Hp everything else is below 34, Bramimond is coming close to a refine if im not mistaken (Forgot when he came out), everyone else would only want to use it if you just wanna change their playstyle.

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