What are all the pokemon that reward 1K dust when captured?

Ok so this one really caught my attention, I captured a wild Chimeco and it gave me 1K dust instead of the regular amounts like 100 or 300 if it was a evolved form. Are there any other mons that also reward 1K dust when catched?

So far it’s only Chimeco that rewards 1000 dust when caught. It was also datamined that Audino, which will be released during the Valentine event, would reward 2000 dust, if I remember correctly.

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Funny, I don’t think I’ve ever noticed it does that. Has it always been the case?

Audino also rewards 2100 (or 2000 I don’t knowif there was weather boost) dust, but he is the “special generational mechanic pokemon”. You know, Ditto hides in other forms, Smeargle just can appear from photos, Spinda has several forms just obtainable in researchs and Spiritomb can bust be obtained once per year. Audino has the particularity of dropping insane stardust, as a bonus pokemon veey hard to find but rewarding if done.

By the wat I find kinda denigrating that an extremely evasive legemdary just rewards 100 while useless pokemon drop this dust.

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