What are mystic eyes?

I was wondering…

so Caster Gil, Merlin, and Solomon have clairvoyance, right?

Since their levels of clairvoyance could be considered far above anyone else~

Do their eyes count as mystic eyes or no?

Feel free to tell me the definition of mystic eyes + qualifications if you’d like.

I’m curious

Clairvoyance is a psychic ability on magic users and a skill for Servants. Mystic Eyes are literal eyes with mutated Magic Circuits, so the two are not inherently related, and the characters you listed don’t have Mystic Eyes as far as I’m aware. As if made to demonstrate the distinction, Anastasia’s familiar Viy has Mystic Eyes of Clairvoyance.


Knowing Nasu I’m legit surprised there aren’t other body parts that are “Mystic” :eyes::see_no_evil:



thanks guys.

that makes sense - i was just wondering because they have high levels of clairvoyance in they can see the past, present, and future respectively.

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Mystic Eyes are a different thing from Clairvoyance. The Nasuverse features a number of Mystic Eyes with different effects. Medusa has Mystic Eyes of Petrification. Asagami Fujino has Mystic Eyes of Distortion. Ryougi Shiki has Mystic Eye of Death Perception.

Several different types of Mystic Eyes are featured in an arc of the Case Files of Lord El-Melloi II. They are physical body parts that can be removed and traded. Clairvoyance is a skill giving knowledge of various spheres, usually deriving from some highly magical background – Gilgamesh’ Clairvoyance is due to his divine descent.

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To clarify, mystic eyes are not completely a physical mutation or phenomenon. Meaning, you can’t just transplant somebody’s eyeballs and get their mystic eyes power, there is magecraft involved in transferring mystic eyes between people. Also, some mystic eyes are more complex than that. Ryougi Shiki’s Mystic Eyes of Death Perception are a manifestation of her direct connection to The Root, and likely could not be transferred to anyone else, even via means such as featured in Case Files. Also, some mystic eyes can function similarly to clairvoyance, such as Miyamoto Musashi’s Heavenly Eyes, or Ophelia’s Mystic Eyes of Precognition, both of which are capable of perceiving possible futures and choosing one that best suits the user (though this is not necessarily a conscious choice).

In short, mystic eyes aren’t always easily categorized, other than that they are supernatural powers that generally manifest some connection to the eyes or vision in general.


They go over the Mystic Eyes in Case files in more depth.

Similarly to mystic eyes, Pure Eyes (Jougan) is the ability to see things which cannot be seen normally.

The difference resides in the fact that Pure Eyes are the legacy of a will, not like mystic eyes where you inherit the traits of a parent’s body (Mystic Eyes = Physical, Jougan = Spiritual)

The Nanaya were able to preserve their Jougan by having incestuous relationships (Tsukihime)


I don’t think it’s as simple as strictly Mystic = physical and Pure = spiritual. Multiple Mystic Eyes in the series aren’t family related and some are even manufactured. It’s safer to just say that it’s a result of magical mumbo jumbo mutating your eyes (it’s easier to pull future material from too).

Nothing is set in stone for Mystic Eyes so far. Some are inherited, some are manufactured, some are made by some magical accident. Not even their use are uniform. Ophelia’s need hers to be given prana to activate, Shiki’s (both) and Medusa’s activate even when they don’t want it to, and Reines doesn’t even know when hers will activate.

As to the difference between Mystic Eyes of Clairvoyance and the Clairvoyance skill, let’s just say that there are multiple ways to acquire Clairvoyance and one of them is through Mystic Eyes. Other sources of Clairvoyance being Sha Nagba Imuru and Divine Revelations.


I’m mystic all around

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Unless I remember wrongly, Ryougi Shiki can activate and desactivate her mystic eyes at will without the drawbacks felt by Tohno Shiki.

Tohno can’t switch off his mystic eyes and must wear permanantly his mystic eyes killer/special glasses (magan goroshi). Without them and with extensive usage of his eyes, he will meet his end and die.

In the future, his eyes will be too powerful and his glasses won’t be able to seal his mystic eyes anymore and he will be forced to wear bandages.

I think Ryougi Shiki learned how to suppress her mystic eyes, or at least to ignore them. But it could have something to do with her multiple personalities, connection to the Root, or whatever. They certainly don’t cause her as much strain as Tohno Shiki, whose eyes seem to cause both physical and mental strain unless they are being suppressed by his glasses.


Ryougi Shiki “deactivates” her eyes by never focusing on any object at any given time. Basically she crossed her eyes most of the time (she doesn’t look cross eyed though, shame). When she first got it after waking up in the hospital she was so bothered by it she tried to gouge her eye out.


you get mystic eyes when you eat carrots everyday as a child. :fgo_pancakeslmao: