What are people's views on the changed Community Day times?


What do people think of the new Community Day times?

I know whatever time they choose won’t suit everyone, but I’m hearing very few positive views about the UK shift.

In the UK we’ve gone from 10-1 to 3-6. The old times meant players with family commitments could generally at least get an hour in during the morning, and some retail workers could at least get a bit of play during a lunch break if they could arrange their lunch hour. It’s not too bad now - the new times end around dusk, but come the Autumn and Winter much of the playing will be at dusk or after dark…

Most players I know liked the morning to lunch-time period, a few thought 11-2 would be better, but I’ve not found anyone who likes the new slot. The only real change that people expressed, was to go back to alternating Saturday/Sunday for those who work one of the days.

Does anyone know why Niantic came up with such an odd time slot?

What’s it like in your part of the world?


North America here, I don’t know how to feel about it quite yet. I don’t have kids or any sort of obligation that the new time interferes with, but I don’t like that the event runs through the end of the daily raid cycle.

In case you’re unaware, the US has a stupid early raid curfew of 7:30pm. The last of our raid eggs spawn at 5:45pm and the very latest raid bosses are active from 6:45pm to 7:30pm as a result. Being towards the end of the daily raid cycle, you’re very unlikely to see an active raid boss past 7pm unless you live somewhere extremely gym dense or have a raid scanner.

With the CD spawns occurring from 3-6 and the next hour being spent for trades/evolves I likely won’t have the option to raid once it’s all said and done. Even if I’m not chasing T5 raids at that point it’s nice to hit up a T3 or something on my way home to use the daily pass, as on CD’s I typically only go out for the CD event.


I think I like it. Let me expand on that.

Firstly, I wish it was done 2 months ago so that we in Australia didn’t suffer from overheating devices and struggle getting enough fluids, while trying to take advantage of CD during the peak of an Aussie summer. Some CD were brutal, and very few players stayed out for the whole time. This change would have been handy then.

I often am busy Saturday mornings, and so this means I have a better chance to get to CD on time after I am done.

With all that said, trying to trade and evolve between 6 and 7 may be an issue. It is a busy time in our household, so trying to dedicate time to PoGo at the expense of the family at that time might be difficult.
I wish that window was longer, as usually a large chunk of it gets lost in travelling.
Why can’t we have 2-3 hours to evolve? It won’t break anything, and will help out others.

For me personally, the change does seem to be a net positive overall, but it does highlight the difficulty in having time specific, time limited events.


East Coast of the U.S. here. The time change doesn’t make a whole lot of sense as far as I’m concerned… Ninantic effectively shuts down raids around 6… Then decides to hold an event that runs till 7!!!

Never mind the fact that it’s a game that Ninantic constantly claims is for children and families… So with the new times the kiddies will be getting home around what 7:30ish? Then washed up then feed, figure another 45 to an hour for that… Another 20 or 30 minuets to get the ready for bed then actually in bed… Sooo we are looking at what? Bedtime around 9ish …

Not so bad for a Saturday once month but what happens when Community Day or a Raid Day happens on a Sunday and everyone has school and work the next morning? What happens when it’s Fall again and the clocks change and all the parks around here are locked up around 4?

Frankly I’m a grown man with no wife or kids and the idea of walking in my door after 7:00 has me planning on sitting out all but the most meta relevant events


I think it works because there are still plenty of people who work weekends, but who are out of there around that time…it seems a thoughtful change.


I will say that when I was living in Honolulu, Community Day used to start at 8AM.

This system is much more hospitable to anybody there! And most oddball timezones.


I am in Indonesia
10-13:00 AM is perfect for many of us here, not too early, not too late.
With this change to 15-18:00 plus 1 hour to evolve, trade, etc, we will see, as ussually trainers with fammily or play with their kid go back home at that time of hours…
In the old time schedule, we can go to lunch after comday and evolbe or trade, gonna be a liitle bit late for trainers with fammily obligation…


I like this change, but I do think it has it’s flaws.
Here in Sweden we used to have the CD during 11 and 2. It suited some people, while others missed out due to work and other things.

3-6 is better for them, but worse for others.

Whatever time Niantic picked it would have been good for some and not for others. That’s just the way it is.
Personally I prefer 3-6, but I wouldn’t mind it if Niantic tried other times in the future, and I think they will.

Also, it’s going to be interesting to see how this will affect gameplay during the Community Day.


Also from Sweden, and it doesn’t really matter to me as I am flexible on weekends.
As always you can’t please everyone. I think best would be to change times regularly and possibly alternate between Saturday and Sunday so that people who work overweekends get a chance sometime and don’t miss all the CD over the year.


I think whichever time was chosen it wouldn’t be ok with everyone, personally I work til 4pm on a Saturday so this new time slot at least gives me chance to get out for an hour once I’ve finished. Am from the UK so that’s one vote for the new time slot! However, I’ve said it before & i’ll say it again, Community Day ought to be just that, a day. A measly 3 hour slot for a once a month event is stupid, especially when we’re chasing decent Shinies & getting an exclusive move. Maybe give the bonuses for a limited time slot to encourage people to out at the same time but for evolving & giving everyone the chance to take part, we need a day, a full one.


I’m from the Midwestern US, so our CD’s were from 2-5pm, and now they’re 3-6pm. Not much of a difference for me, but I would love if they made raids go later, like the other countries. The time change for me and my friends pretty much makes no difference though.


It doesn’t work as well for me. My wife doesn’t play, but gets started late. So, I can usually sneak in some pogo at 11, not so at 3.


Worked alright for me, my wife gets home from work at 1:45pm on Saturdays, so that usually cuts out the first hour of Saturday CDs (watching 4 y/o son). This time I went to shop at Target with wife and kid at 3pm. Bought stuff while catching what was there.

Emptied car, then I went shopping for groceries for an hour…got 9 shiny treecko plus a Roselia shiny with just that half-assed playing. I started with 2000 treecko candy so I evolved a lot, I already had a couple 100s saved, few 98s, and half dozen other high level luckies. I would have to play much harder on a day where I wasn’t so well prepared with candy and saved treecko—cloudy today but usually sunny in this grass biome.


It sucks. While Saturday isn’t the greatest day for me to play Pokémon either way, I usually have some spare time between ~11.15 and ~13.30 which meant 2 hours of play time. I have only 1 hour at most with the new time being from 15.00-18.00…

Niantic please alternate between Saturdays and Sundays


East Australia… 3-6pm. So it’s only an hour later, but considering I’m playing with my son and towing around my younger daughter that hour made a big difference to the night routine. Also being disabled the later I’m out the worse I get, so yeah, not a huge fan. I do agree with the previous point made about the Aussie weather though, later is so much more forgiving!


I personally prefered the old com day time. But hey it is what it is!


one from spain here. Right now is not so bad hour, but i hope they change the hour back to the previous ones because in summer will be like playing in hell itself, especially in the south part of the country ( if the sun is up and it will be most of the time, think of arround 40+/104+ celsius/farenheit degrees)