What are some good fodder material?

With 500 heroes in my barracks, one must say to themself ‘I have a problem’. I don’t really know what units are good fodder and which units are worth keeping. If someone would have some kind list of good fodders, that would really help me thin out my barracks.


This question is way too broad for anyone to give an actual answer.


Screenshot your barracks and show them in this thread

500 units and that’s a problem? I mean, obviously…



Most units have either a special or assist that makes them useful fodder.

I would say anyone you have 3 or more of make into manuals any bad boons (or good boons if you have duplicates). I say 3 because if you have 2 copies and they’ve been given a refine, but you aren’t super interested in building them you can 5* one copy (and level to 40 if you want their lv. 40 speech) and merge them into a 4* to make a 4*+10 that can be quite useful in the limited hero battles.

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the way i deal with my barracks is that i manual all but 1 copy of every hero.
otherwise, usually only 5 stars have “good” fodder, and everything in the 4-3 star pool is more useful for specials, assist skills, and getting prerequisites of tier 4 skills.


All units are either fodder or feathers. You keep only the ones you use or invest heavily because you like them, be like me i only have 140 units in my barracks.