What are some good units to give DC?

I just pulled a Hector from weekly revival banner, but I don’t know who to give DC to. What are some good units for DC? I’m mostly f2p, so please don’t recommend whale builds.

Congrats ! I had been wanting him from launch (along with OG Ryoma) , but never pulled him then, and now I cannot afford the orb for him. Were I you, I would keep him as a Year 1 relic.

For DC fodder, I only did it twice for Ares and B!Ike, and they both kick asses. My wish list includes Surtr, Duma (with Vantage), F!Corrin and H!Myrr. don’t have Myrr but I saw she tanks and kill more then anything else with DC

There’s so many units that have it,so it’s really just up to who you yourself want to use it on.

I’ve given it to an array of units rather the build caters to res or just general ease of use.

I’d say mixed tanks that you plan on merging (mid 30s Def/Res before skills). You could also give it to a newer, stronger unit (aka, comparable stats to a merged gen 1-2), I just prefer projects.

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