What are some miscellaneous Pokemon facts that are ridiculous?

Like the title says, what are some actual Pokemon facts that are so absurd that they sound fake, but are actually true?
I’ll go first:

In the original Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team, Kecleon only has a recruit rate of -33.9%, which is the lowest possible recruit rate in the game. The only way to recruit it is to:

  • Have Overgrown Forest as a Friend Area
  • Be level 90 or higher (for safety reasons, be level 100)
  • Hold a Friend Bow, which is found in Mt. Faraway behind a locked door

Even with all these requirements, Kecleon’s recruit rate is at a measly 0.1%!

It is easier to catch Mewtwo in a Beast Ball, with full health and no status ailments than it is to recruit Kecleon, with a catch rate of about 0.279%


Chuck Norris did it twice.


I believe that :3

Here’s another fact:

The heaviest Pokemon is a tie between Celesteela and Cosmoem. Celesteela is based off of a princess from a Japanese Folktale, Bamboo, and space shuttles. Cosmoem may seem strange to be heavy, since it’s way smaller than Celesteela at about 0.1 meters tall, but it’s based off of super-compressed astronomically bodies (Black Holes, Neutron Stars, etc), where those objects can be extremely dense and heavy, even if they’re the size of a grain of rice. So, Cosmoem being absurdly heavy, despite being a small Pokemon, makes sense because of what it’s based off of.



Crobat learns Brave Bird in the MSG. Interesting.

According to the Galar pokedex, Dusknoir swallows people whole in its stomach mouth, takes their spirit, and then spits out their body and moves on. No one knows if Dusknoir has a will of its own, or if someone (or something) is controlling them via the antenna on their heads.

Mega Gengar’s Pokemon Sun dex entry.

"Gengar’s relationships are warped. It has no interest in opponents unless it perceives them as prey. "

Shuckle can deal the most damage out of all Pokemon. Let that sink in

The funny thing about this… is in S/M/US/UM after unlocking the Ultra Beast and getting access to beast ball’s… nearly everyone… stopped using normal ball’s to catch Pokémon and only caught Pokémon in Beast ball’s for that extra rarity… funnily enough… I did the opposite for all the Ultra Beast’s… I caught every single ultra beast in a Pokeball… because of how hard it is to catch the ultra beasts in anything other than the Beast ball… and the Pokeball having the lowest catch rate…

Prior to Generation VI, because Azurill’s gender ratio does not match that of its evolved forms and its evolution is not dependent on gender, being female 75% of the time while Marill and Azumarill are female only 50% of the time, one out of three female Azurill evolves into a male Marill depending on its personality value. Azurill is the only Pokémon to do this. From Generation VI on, Azurill retains its gender upon evolving, despite the gender ratios still differing.


Pokemon Red version - Charizard was unable to learn “Fly” via HM.
Pokemon Yellow version - Charizard gains the ability to learn “Fly” from the HM.


Also Fire doesn’t resist ice so Charizard is weak to Ice.

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All the towns in Kanto are named after colors, except for Pallet (palette). Not sure whether this is the case in other languages (R/B/Y were never released in Chinese).


Here’s a funny one about my favorite Pokemon:

Umbreon can get Synchronoise from its previous evolution (Eevee). Synchronoise is a powerful Psychic type attack that only works against Pokemon that are the same type as the user. Umbreon is a Dark type Pokemon. Psychic types cannot damage a Dark type Pokemon, unless if Miracle Eye is used on the foe or the foe is holding a Ring Target.

Fun fact: there‘s a Poketuber who does a lot of theme teams and sweeps, and he actually pulled of a Synchronoise Umbreon sweep.

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Is his name “PIMPNITE?”

Slowbro is the only Pokemon that can devolve, according to the Pokedex entry. Since it evolves when a Shellder latches onto it’s tail, if the Shellder ever lets go it turns back into a Slowpoke.

When Magnemite evolves it it joins with two more Magnemite to form Magneton. A magnemite weighs 13.2 pounds. You would think Magneton weighs 3 times as much but it actually weights a lot more, 132.3 pounds.


Onix, a colossal snake made of boulders, has a lower attack stat than Shellos in both the MSG and Pokemon Go. Let that sink in for a second.


Yes indeed, I was referring to him

I’ve seen a couple of his sweeps. My favorite theme team of his is a team of only Shuckle

  • Shuckle
  • F@ckle
  • Luckle
  • Suckle
  • Chuckle
  • Knuckle
  1. The most expensive Pokemon Card out there is called “Illustrator,” where it was a prize that was given to illustration contests for the Pokemon TCG in 1997 and 1998. 39 printed copies of this card are currently known, and it’s most likely a prize that was only given out in Japan, because all known cards are printed in Japanese, except for the top of the card. The top says “ILLUSTRATOR” instead of “TRAINER,” even though it’s designed in a similar fashion to other Trainer cards. The text says, translated to English:

“We certify that your illustration is an excellent entry in the Pokémon Card Game Illust Contest. Therefore, we state that you are an Officially Authorized Pokémon Card Illustrator and admire your skill.”

This card is so rare, it was sold for around $200,000 USD in an auction!

  1. There was a controversy between the Pokemon Kadabra and a rumored real-life psychic named Uri Geller, where he believed that Kadabra was a parody of him, because Kadabra’s Japanese name is ユンゲラー (Yungeraa), which is similar to Uri’s Katakana name ユリゲラー (Yurigeraa). Plus, he believed that the star on Kadabra’s head was part of a pentagram and that the s like pattern on Kadabra’s stomach/lower abdomen was similar to the Waffen-SS, which was a military branch of the Nazi Party. He actually tried suing Nintendo for 60 million British Pounds (86.93 million USD), and since 2003, Kadabra has never appeared on any new TCG cards, ever since, even though Abra and Alakazam are still in the TCG.

It also didn’t help that there was an old TCG card called “Dark Kadabra” from the Team Rocket 1st Edition series/deck

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I liked his original B/W Magikarp sweep better lol

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