What are some servant goals for next year?

This may be too early to really discuss this as there’s people who are going to go for some of the other servants upcoming through the rest of the year.

Even still though, I wanted to look towards the next year anyway. I’m personally done for this year in terms of pulling now. The one that interests me most is Bradamante who’s a general pool servant so I’m not going to worry that much about her.

This year was not too bad target wise nor on the wallet with Skadi, Dantes and Waver being the real big ones. Next year is going to suck though as there’s many servants I want during that time period. Going in order from appearance as they come out.

These were the main big targets for me; there’s a few others I’m considering like Murasaki and Super Orion that depend on how the quartz are doing at the time.

  1. Kama

  2. Arjuna Alter (On top of having sick attack animations, that FA art is absolutely beautiful seriously.)

  3. Space Ishtar

  4. Rider Vinci (I don’t know how I forgot about Da Vinci. I’ve got her caster version, so I want her rider version as well.)

  5. Summer 4 (This is not necessarily one servant, but I couldn’t really pick one. I want them all. Also nice outfit for Merlin during this event he’s giving me husbando vibes.)

  1. Hijikata NP2-3
  2. Gil NP2-3 if I fail to do so this year.
  3. Merlin
  4. Kama
  5. Waver if I’m too lucky with the above pulls and have spare SQs

Np2 mUSAshi and Kingprotea are my goals. I’m still on the fence about if i should roll for np2 Kingprotea or not though.

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Miyu, Astolfo Saber, MUSAshi and Orión

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  1. More Semiramis
  2. Jack
  3. Kama
  4. Summer Musashi
  5. Arjuna Alter
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1 - Arjuna Alter. NP2 bare minimum.

2 - Artoria (Ruler). NP2 bare minimum.

3 - Astraea. NP5.

A lot of servants I want but not too bad (like Kama) have rate-ups in the future so I can focus on them another time.

I’m not rolling for nearly the amount I did this or last year, but the ones I DO want, I’m going full throttle for them to get them to as high a level I can.


Merlin… just Merlin. Maybe Ishtar if that Babylonia event is coming to NA. But the chart said JP only.

Moriarty and Space Ishtar are really the only temptations. But, well, you know, Archer Ishtar will just have to be bumped to the year afterwards if that event does not happen.

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  1. Kiara NP2+ (Already have NP1).

  2. Asclepius NP2+ (but NP1 is acceptable).

  3. Space Ishtar.

  4. Carmilla Rider.

  5. Lakshmi Bai.

Chen Gong would be number 1 but he is a 2 star, so I will get him.

Two of my most wanted are in banners with my least wanted so my chance for salt are high.

Benienma and Ash would be on the list but i might not roll for Beni because of Romulus the year after and i’m going for Asclepius so either way i would roll for Ash.
Lakshmi is my target for the 4 star ticket. I really like her 1st ascension.

Miyu. Not creepy like Kuroi. Just a good girl.

Kingprotea. In the meantime, I need to get a ladder for headpats

Reines. She’s such a troll and I love it

Godjuna. I don’t know what’s sexier: his art or his damage potential

Mori. pls step on me, tear me to shreds

Rider Vinci. She may not be as big as the OG icon but she’s definitely a loli-ico-, uh, wait that doesn’t sound right

Pingu Melt. Spinny Prinny

Space Ishtar. Best Rinface in space

Maid Astolfo. Always for the best boi

T H I C C Orion. Far better than that fraud who puts Orion’s and her very own namesake to shame

  1. Kama
  2. Merlin
  3. Astolfo Saber
  4. Kingprotea
  5. Summer Carmilla

Oh my, you are going to be one busy guy. I wish you the best of luck.

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Kama and NP2 Parvati, 2 multis, 10 tickets, not more, not less; if I succeed great! if not, well, better luck next banner.

Arjuna Alter and Karna, I want at least one of them, preferably Karna. Also best god of medicine is on this banner.

One of the summer banners for CEs to make farming easier, probably the CARmilla one.

Orion banner to end the year…probably. We’ll see, I wanna start saving for Voyager early.


Summer 3 rerun, for the 4* Summer servant that it. (S u m mer Irabaki&MHXX)

My luck is plain awful(Kinda)so I should just stick with rolling for 4* servants. James Morarity banner is the temptation

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Da Vinci


(Maybe Kama and AA)


Primary Goal is NP5 Summer Okita for next year, I’ll also try to see if I can get Hijikata during Guda3 Rerun

I might also throw some rolls at Summer 3 Rerun for Extra Edmond NP Levels but I’m fine if I don’t get them :feh_lucyshrug:

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The main ones:

  1. Kama np2+
  2. Morisaki Shikibu
  3. Bunny Artoria
  4. Merlin

Others I’ll roll for but will be fine if I don’t get them:

  1. Space Ishtar
  2. God Arjuna
  3. Chad Orion
  4. Musashi
  5. Maou Nobunaga (Nagao Kagetora is the real prize in that event)
  6. Gae Saber (Astolfo )

Honestly, 2021 can come down to 4 servants for me. Kama, Merlin, Bunny Artoria, and my main focus, Kagetora.

Especially Kagetora.

Like for real. Welfare or not, Kagetora is who I’m most excited for.

  1. Space Ishtar NP1

  2. Space Ishtar NP2

  3. Space Ishtar NP3

  4. Space Ishtar NP4

  5. Space Ishtar NP5

If I manage to pull that off, I’m seriously going to grail her in NA as well.

For real though:

  1. Space Ishtar
  2. Musashi
  3. Orion
  4. Kama
  5. Arjuna (that FA is really beautiful. I like the peaceful tone in it)

Musashi’s summer banner is top priority for me, other than that idk



Godjuna NP5
Reines NP1


Scathach NP2->NP3
Kama NP2+
Space Ishtar NP3+

Big Maybe:

Summer Musashi NP2
BB Summer NP3->NP5


1 . Space ishtar (at least np2 )
2. Arjuna alter
3. Kama
4. Super orion
5. Kingprotea
These are my targets for next year