What are some servants you don't keep in their final ascension?

For most people I assume they keep a majority of their servants in the last ascension or costume, if they have one. But I figure there are a few that some don’t.

For example I like Ruler Martha’s 1st ascension more than the rest. Something about the hat and skirt I really like.

Maybe you can share some of the other ascensions you like more than their final ones?


Kiyohime, her 2nd ascension look better than her 3rd one imo. And her FA is also in her original green outfit.

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The ones that mysteriously grow gigantic boobs in the FA, like Nitocris or Bradamante.


Waver 1st
Meltryllis 1st
Bradamante 1st (for now. I actually like all of them)
Jeanne d’Archer 2nd
Arturia Archer 2nd
Gilgamesh 2nd
Ereshkigal 2nd (right now. Same case as Bradamante)
Drake 2nd
Merlin 1st
Maid Alter 2nd
Hassan 1st
Space Ishtar 2nd
Amakusa Shirou 2nd
Okita Alter 2nd
Sitonai 2nd
Abigail 2nd
Emiya Alter 2nd
Atalante 2nd
Emiya 1st
Tamamo Cat 1st
Chiyome 1st (or 2nd at times, but mostly 1st)
Yu Mei-ren 2nd
Ibaraki 2nd
Ibaraki 1st
Lancelot 1st
Heracles 2nd

That’s the battle sprites I like to see them most in.
If it’s really “which FA don’t you like to see”:
Kiyohime (I lover her, but that FA is horrible. Her 3rd Ascension looks so much more beautiful. I’m glad they kept that ascension for her Summer FA at least)
Shiki Assassin


I think I have a couple more than this but I’m not going to look through the entire list.
This list for the sprites.

Tamamo : Not actually sure why I like the first two the most but they feel less clunky.
Mordred : Obviously a knight should have some armor equipped.
Jack: Why is she pantsless?
Atalante Alter: The dress suits her.
Yagyu: I like the simpler design of the first two.
Emiya : The final is too bright, OG all the way.
Kerry : I like the Hood
Medea : See above, she should be mysterious.
Robin : Also a hood question.
Hundred Persona :I like the Mask.
Cursed Arm: I like the cloak.
Kojirou : Like Yagyu I like the first two the most.
Raikou Lancer : I’m not a fan of the swimsuits.
Chiyome: Her second is my favourite.
Roma: Something about all other ascensions after the first is bothering me.


For Void, I prefer her 2nd Asc. since those colour palettes pleased my eyes. All of her Asc. arts looks gorgeous, but the black nailed it for me.

For a while I’ve kept Chiyome in 2nd Asc, then switched to 3rd Asc. since someone mentioned her smiling there. And personally, FA are absolute no for her along with Sitonai.

Iri’s been in her 3rd cuz her look in FA are kinda… weird, dunno why meself, I just feel like it.


Related to battle sprites:
-Semiramis 1st: Yeah I hate the 2nd and 3rd sprites hairstyle
-Arthur 2nd: I don’t like the minicape he wears on his final ascension
-Jack 1st: I don’t want her to get a cold lol
-Abby 2nd: I’d like to use 1st but I really love 2nd and 3rd ascension NP animation
-Medusa loli 1st: I like her with the hood, it makes her even cuter
-Heracles 2nd: I don’t like that gold hammer or whatever it is
-Astolfo 2nd: I still wonder why they decided to put that tiny crown on him

Related to FA, I’d say the only one I don’t like to see is Abby’s one (I have the 1st ascension image set)

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A lot of them really.

I put Enkidu in ascension 1, Nero Caster in Ascension 2, Andersen in Ascension 1, Shakespeare in ascension 1, Quetzalcoatl in 1, Medb usually varues between 1, 2 abd her costume and many others.

I just like some outfits more than others.

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Off the top of my head:

  • Nero (OG)- That huge pauldron(?) she gets on her 3rd and final ascension art just looks atrocious.

  • Okada Izou- I keep him in his 2nd ascension art because it calls out to my inner chuuni. Also, 3rd and final ascension art looks too dignified for the sort of samurai he’s portrayed to be.

  • Nightingale- Her final ascension art does not look nice at all. I keep her in her 3rd ascension for the cool eyepatch.


Tomoe: Keep her in first Ascension most of the time.
Skadi: First Ascension.
Waver: Second Ascension
Chiyome: Second Ascension. (Not that I ever use her.)
Jack: First Ascension.
MHX: Second Ascension.
Artoria: First Ascension.
Sitonai: Second Ascension.
Mordred: Second Ascension.
Archuria: Second Ascension.
Achilles: Second Ascension.
Maid Alter: Second Ascension.
Nero: Second Ascension.
Atalante Alter: First Ascension.

That’s about all that I can think of right now.

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Alright here we go

Saber Artoria

I actually will change between her third and costume depending on how pissed I am. If “mere knights” aren’t enough to kill this thing…then the king dons her crown and cloak and goes forth into battle.

Saber Alter

I don’t like the third ascension on this one. I do like the visor though.

Saber Lily

I like the armor and she actually looks like a proper princess knight with it!

Saber Mordred

Will admit, not the biggest fan of her third ascension. Like my Cub either fully armored or at least with her helmet off. Though I WILL be using the hell out of her Memories of Trifas costume.

Archer Artoria

First ascension didn’t seem right and last ascension seemed too gaudy. I like the second


Goddess of chastity and has that as clothing? No.

Lancer Alter

I will change on this one like I do with Saber Artoria, but I love the fully armored look. I’m just sad we don’t have the unsealed Rhongomyniad.


I like the armor of his first, that’s all I gotta say

Summer Mordred

I will switch between first and second…the third ascension is a tad too bright for me


Do I need to explain this.


I will switch depending on the fight or who I’m fielding with him…I do know this. Whenever he fights along Iskandar, we have little Waver. Whenever he fights alongside Miss Gray or Reines? (Once Casefiles comes…) we have Lord El-Melloi II.


Like Jackie-girl…Do I need to explain this. Don’t lewd the cinnamon roll!


Technically this isn’t the final ascension!! I like the full armored look we get in Camelot…I’m just super sad she doesn’t use the sword she gets. I actually only use Ortinax in the Lostbelt stories…aaaaaand if I get pissed off enough in a quest and decide to go crit Mash with Merlin.

I do tend to move ascensions around depending on location in fights. For example: in Anastasia, I had everyone in their “warmest” attire (ie, hoods, cloaks etc). If I’m in a city setting? I take Arthur with his White Rose costume and Waver with his second ascension (if I get Ruler Artoria she’d be in her second AND BEDIVERE IN HIS COSTUME FITS PERFECTLY WITH HER!!!)

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Probably more than I can recall right now, but the stand-outs are…

  • QSH (1st is coolest, and 10/10 for levitation)
  • Eresh (2nd has best lance and is most elegant)
  • Amakusa (2nd, because cape and no poofy pants)
  • Abigail (2nd, because 15% less nekkid than 3rd)
  • Karna (2nd still has the cool armor)
  • First Hassan (1st for the cloak)

Special mention for Semiramis, whom I initially kept in 1st Ascension, but while I eventually got used to her odd hairdo (it’s partially obscured in the 3rd), I could not get used to her hair dragging all over the ground in 1st while her dress was looking all wrinkly in the front. 3rd emerged as my clear favorite.


Hijikata - I keep him in the first, sometimes the second or third. I really want him to get a costume to get rid of that FA tho, it could have been done better. I like the energy, not the face.

Antonio - Second ascension because I can actually see him and I like the suit.

Waver - SG in third for Iskandar, but everything else is in second for the suit.

Sanzang - Third, I don’t like her face in the FA.

Saberlot - Purple armor slaps

Drake - I love the first ascension

Nightingale - Third because she looks the best imo

Ozy - Third or first. The hair in the second is gross and I’m not digging the gray background in the FA.

Ana - Second ascension, the white shoulderless gown is beautiful

Summer Jalter - I prefer her face in the first three ascensions

Semi - SG is in the FA but everything else in her first ascension because it’s :ok_hand: - I’d prefer it if her FA had her first ascension design and made the gardens look beautiful like they were supposed to


Lancer Raikou must always be in her Sukeban Deka cosplay.


Abby 2nd Ascension: because she sounds too frightened of her own NP in her first stage, and beyond this everything just gets way too lewd and mean-looking.

Nightingale 2nd Ascension: because I actually don’t like the eyepatch. I hate the thought of a Servant being “permanently injured” if they don’t have to be. (One reason I’ll never deliberately roll for Okita, and I feel slightly bummed for Altera Santa.)


Ruler martha 2nd - i like the tarasque boxing jacket

Summer BB 1st - except during holloween she stayed in 3rd. I love all her sprites but the "piggy dunk " is funny…really the only reason I prefer that one lol

Mhxx 1st- the armor is too cool not to use plus her extra attack where she jumps out of it is great . But summer she will be in final. (Its cold now dont want her walking around like that do you?)

Nyan alter 1st- she looks less insane but if I’m doing a cq or boss battle, that armor goes on because it simply looks the coolest. Now when I fought Achilles in penthesilea interlude I found it only right to throw her in 2nd ascension

Chiyome 1st- I actuslly prefer it nothing lewd. But the fish nets, the way shes dresses with the wraps on her feet and obvious reptilian features. The predator. Cmon she totally looks like female predator .

Skadi- it differs. Normally 1st to differentiate her from support skadi . I knoe it says support but I’ve messed up a few times not paying attention.

Waver 1st- need no explanation. Case files.

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I actually don’t keep many in their final ascension. I usually prefer he more modest style of earlier ones. In fact, when people post shots of their roster, I’m often unsure of who is who since I don’t use finals for those either

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I don’t like the character designs of Wry Cow berserker or Passion lip, and their FA just makes it worse. Though they aren’t as bad as Edison, burn on sight twice so far.

I don’t like Jeanne Archer’s ribbon dress and keep her in the white one piece. Euryale’s third pose is much nicer than her falling backwards. But Ishtar falling backwards doesn’t bother me.

I go back and forth between sitting and standing Parvati. I don’t care for Ana Lancer’s lingerie pose so she stays in 3rd.

Nitocris is one of my favorite servants but her FA seems out of character. I like the white top in 2nd ascension. Her assassin FA is wonderful though. I like the Zhuge Liang design better than Waver’s.

Serenity is another sweet heart who bounces between 3 and 4 depending on whether she is active or waifu.

Kiyohime berserker’s two color schemes are both wonderful. I keep going back and forth.

There are probably others but these are the ones that have specific reasons.

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I dont put lancelot in his fa because it’s low key ugly and I don’t put chloe or chiyome in their FA because the art is absolutely disgusting

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Um, pretty much all of mine that are constantly used aren’t in their final ascension. The only ones in their final ascension are usually the ones I don’t care about, or never use. Imo, most final ascensions are inferior to at least 1 previous ascension.

Yeah, just went through my servants and every 5 star is in their 1st or 2nd ascension except for mordred and even then, I swap between her 2nd and 3rd constantly cuz I enjoy her armor ascension just as much.

So yeah, too many to count for me. I mean, if you want, I could go through my main used ones and say which ascension they’re in, but probably nobody cares about that. Just know that if they have glasses or a hood, they are in that ascension no matter what.

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