What are the chances between getting Top and Senior Operator Tag?

Honestly it hits me when i get my 8th Top Operator tag today and i got none Senior Operator tag so far.
What do you guys think?

There have been some studies done on it, Gamepress has a link to one that a single person did very meticulously for months, and they use to have a link for a crowd-sourced one. I can’t find the crowd-sourced data anymore, but last I saw it showed the Senior Operator tag as a slightly lower chance than Top Operator–like 0.18% and 0.15%.

That said, since both tags are crazy rare, it’s pretty easy for coincidence to make you get one significantly more than the other–although I will say it sounds like you’ve got some particularly good luck to get 8 TO tags. Personally, I’ve only gotten 3 of them since February, and 2 of them also had a SO tag along with it. I’ve never gotten the SO tag without a TO either.


i see, thanks for the heads up

My main account never got top operator. My secondary account got 5 times already. I hate it… I got feeling they teasing me since i don’t pay in my secondary account.