What are the chances of getting this?

Just caught my first wild shiny and it has a 0 IV. How rare is this??


How rare is that? I’d say there’s a legitimate (if tiny) chance that that is the ONLY 0% Shiny Aerodactyl in the world. Literally in the world. Not hyperbolically. Not “Well you could ask a million Trainers and not find one.” I mean “Niantic searched their Code and found that this is the ONLY ONE in the world.”

It’s probably NOT the literal only one in the world, but if Niantic could actually tell how many there are, I would not be surprised in any way if they came back and said it was the only one in the entire world.

That’s how rare that is. If that was mine, that would be my go-to Mega Aerodactyl until I caught a 100% - and even then, I might not use the Hundo as a Mega because the Shiny Nundo is so unique.


I just sent mine to the Prof, so indeed it’s now the only one left


I have only one ‘nundo’ – an evolved Serperior that I caught during the community day.

Basic maths:

16x16x16 (rolling 0IV across the board)
x450 (Assuming rough base rate of shiny)
= 1,843,200/1

Then multiply by whatever the current spawn rate of areodactyl is. So yes, massively rare and highly probably it’s unique.

That aside - Congratulations!!!


Also note that it’s a female (gender ratio 7:1)!


Aero has spawned quite a bit from all the Rock-related events over time, so maybe not the only one but I’d certainly put this in a top-tier of shiny rarity. :ok_hand:t2:

Many available would not even have 0/0/0 as a possibility.
It needs to be wild caught and non weather boost, before that level of rarity is even a possibility.

Yes…I am being THAT guy.


I did think of weather boost when I was calculating it and then completely forgot again. Lazy man that I am. :sweat_smile:

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The main problem being spoofers & bots… nothing that spawns in the wild is rare anymore.

Maybe I’m a little late to the party but having a reverse-shundo is something really rare! A friend of mine on Totodile’s community day got one of them. He was dissapointed but then he realized that thing has a high rarity value. I have some nundos, but not shiny ones.

1 in 262144, and that is rarer than a shundo

I do think that the shiny rate of Aerodactyl in the wild is 1/64 I think the number @Oaf used is closer to the truth 1/450.

That a Shiny Nundo rarer is then the Shundo is completly true because the Shundo could be gotten from a trade, raid, research,…, weather boosted catch non of these could give a Nundo.