What are the holes in your roster you need to plug up?

We all know how gacha games operate. They create classes, elements, weapon-triangles, and any number of other niches so that even if you pulled a few really strong characters, they will not be useful for all situations, forcing you to roll the gacha to fill up those missing niches. What are the holes in your FGO roster you need to fix?

On my end I think I am in a pretty good place for most classes and niches.

My main problem that needs remedying is with Archers. I wasn’t around at the time, so I didn’t get Chloe, nor could I get Squirtoria even though I tried really hard. Thankfully I got Emiyalter and recently Orion for ST archer duties, but even before that, there was always Robin and Euryale to fall back to. On the wave clearing front, however, I have problems, and it was the main reason why I tried my best to pull for Ishtar. Unfortunately I failed to get her, again.
Right now I have Emiya and he can wave clear all right, but his NP just doesn’t hit hard enough without his tricolor mana burst, but using it on his NP means it cannot be used for crit-nuking on the next turn, making him a little clunky unless the RNG favors me. My other option is Nobu, but her problem is that she only hits really hard when against Divine enemies with Riding, and most of the mobs don’t have either trait. I also have Atalante, but she is really meh right now. There are so many good nuke archers,but for some reason whenever I try to roll for one of them, my otherwise great gacha luck always betrays me. Still, there is hope, since there are still the ten free tickets to look forward to, and around new years I will definitely aim try rolling for Gil. Sooner or later, I should get one of them.

For all other normal classes I think I am pretty well rounded, while I have Lobo, Punch Saint and Mecha Eli for extra classes, and while neither of them are the best in their class, they are all good enough.

What about you guys? Where does your roster’s weakness lie, and how do you plan to fix it?


I don’t have enough cuties most to my liking.


Excluding everyone I already have (and yet to raise), I seriously need more Riders. I’m doing well with Ridertoki and Ishtar so far, but compared to my other classes, I’m really lacking here.

Also, I could really use a Waver.

Waver, 2030, and poster girl are the only major holes I need filled tbh.

Unfortunately Waver is a spook-servant. You either get him while rolling for someone else, or else you have to wait for the one banner (plus the class-based one) where he is featured per year. Some get lucky, others don’t. I’m in the latter category, but I shouldn’t complain too much, as I have Merlin for my caster support needs already.


Biggest weak point is that I need a ST Assassin. Recently got Carmilla but that is still my biggest weak point.

Other areas I could use upgrades:

  • AOE Archer (lvl 80 Np5 Emiya)
  • AOE Lancer (lvl 80 NP5 Jalter Lily/ Lvl 90 NP 1 Parvati)
  • AoE Beserker (lvl 80 np 5 chacha)
  • AoE extra class (lvl 80 np3 Gorgon)

Extra classes, definitely extra classes. I have all the wellfare ones, but I’d really really like a 5-star servant (preferably Kiara…) for the last slot in my support setup. A few days ago I was also in dire need of an Assassin for some good damage, but fortunately Gramps finally came to my aid. Otherwise… I’d love to have Scáthach as a strong ST anti-divine option. It’s not really a hole in my roster, but I definitely have use for Shishou.

I could really use a Waver, Jeanne, Black Grail, and more Zerkers. Though I just snagged an ozy, so maybe I won’t miss waver quite as much anymore. Ozy and kscopes should open up more 3T comps for me. But at my regular rate of summoning zerkers, my next will be Summer Jalter (seriously, only 1 gold zerker in almost 2 years from gatcha)

Once Carmilla gets her NP upgrade, she should be able to plug up that hole, or if you can wait a little longer, there will be Shiki’s rerun with her NP upgrade. It’s a pretty bonkers 1800% multiplier with a 50% mana burst. That’s a lot of ST damage.


Shiki would be great! An awesome addition to my arts team!!!

But to be honest I am hoping for the Astolfo costume dress being released soon (it’s supposed to be this month) and grabbing Jack when she is on rate up!

Oh yeah, I’m certainly not ever going to roll for a non-limited servant (else I’d have dumped for quartz for Ozy this past banner). I have Merlin and Tamamo right now, so I’m good, but having a Waver would be nice.

ST Assassin and ST Archer and both are going to be filled by Shiki and Santa Altera and while i can stay with Shiki just fine, Altera isn’t enough so i’m going to roll for Nibbamiya and Fujino when their Banner come around

My roster is good on nearly every aspect, except one: Avenger.
If Angry Mango was any good/worth grailing from a gameplay perspective I’d be fine, but he isn’t, and I have zero other avengers, not even a doggo spook or anything.

Ruler enemies are rare, but when they do pop up, I’m forced to use support or Berserkers, which works ok but still feels like a thorn in my side.

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At least when Salieri comes around, that won’t be an issue.

Assassin, I need both ST and AoE. Ideally I would be getting Semiramis at Feb and gramps now didn’t managed to get him

I need more powerful ST Lancer, ST Archer, AoE Berserker, ST Assassin and an array of Extra classes, especially Moon Cancer and Avengers. Scathach, Fujino, Chloe’s rerun, Arjuna Alter, Shiki’s rerun, BB’s rerun, and Jalter would all fill the holes nicely. :smiley:

Meanwhile, would also want Skadi and Tama to complete my Pantheon of Godly Supports.

Not counting niche that are technically filled - I just need to gather embers, QP and mats to finally raise them:

  1. Waver!!!
  2. Tama
  3. ST Saber - I have only Bride and she is very close to bond 10, putting aside that she is not even full-time dps…
  4. ST Archer - I have atrocious luck with Archers not named Emiya :fgo_jeannu: Chloe is bond 10 long ago (plus she is sorta “Emiya” adding to personal mem), and both Robin-bro and Alter Emiya, if I ever come to raising him, have meh facecards and no battery.

You should raise him despite his facecards given that his NP hits really hard and does well in Arts Team but Kuro is better all around

Maybe, it is just when you add meh atack and me just plain not liking him…

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jokes I could make about missing stuff not even in fgo na or simply fgo in general aside, I’m mainly just missing a ruler at this point