What are the most overpowered servants in your opinion?

1- Now this servant is an archer. In the future, Heaven’s Feel. Achilles.

Spoiler free, jp servant reference. You’ll get it only if you think about it.

No need to say more. This servant is even more destructive than Raikou

2- Raikou. Mine is underleveled, but i use a NP5 level 100 Raikou in friendlist and i have to say that…i’ll do the same even with mine.

For what i’ve seen, Raikou level 100 is basically a machine of total annhilation. If you can protect her, she will obliterate all kind of enemyes (save foreigners, i guess)

That’s all.
There are a lot of strong servants, but overpowered… nah.


sorry no offense, but do you perhaps mean Archer Hercules from F/SF? It’s a bit weird for Achilles to be an Archer unless it’s Summer.
(I’m not getting any hits with Heaven’s Feel Achilles anyway.)

For me though, Merlin and Waver Velvet are overpowered if you place them together with any heavy hitting Servants. Otherwise, every divine (or the likes) Servants seems to be in close power levels.

Also, Riders with crap ton of Noble Phantasms seems overpowered as depending on a strategy, they could potentially change the tide of any wars to their victory. They’re like isekai reincarnations who possesses more cheat trump cards.

I don’t think any servant is overpowered, and yes this includes Merlin and Waver. Neither are perfect, and each have their shortcomings.



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Don’t know. I just tried a Level 100 NP5 Gilgamesh against Mordred in JP. He only had his own buffs.

Over 400.000 Damage on a single target!!

I never really used him before, because I don’t have him and I don’t rely on Supports on NA, or rather I don’t like using Servants I don’t have myself yet.
Anyway… Now I totally understand why people call him a powerhouse. Holy!


no, it is not him

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Maybe not exactly “overpowered” but saberlot feels the most smooth.
like hes just star creating and critting and np looping but his animations and the sound effects feels so slick and fun to use


The Great Sun God Ozymandias, naturally :fgo_rinlaugh:

What? You don’t think Party ATK Up, DEF Down, Party Buff Success Rate Up, Party NP Gauge, 100% Imperial Privilege are not enough? Should I also mention he’s hot?
A certain ancient king of Mesopotamia with the Anti-Everything Noble Phantasm can only kneel before his grace :fgo_buster:

In all seriousness, though. He’s really good. If only he wasn’t a rider stealing all the crit stars, he would be absolutely perfect as a general-use Support/DPS.

Special mention to the King of Heroes, Gilgamesh. In actual combat, they would get along. Although, that would require the player to bring along the Fragment of 2004 Mystic Code. Our Sun God is quite the hoarder :fgo_badciv:


You mean Alcides? Paris?
Achilles has nothing to do with Heaven’s Feel

No, wrong. I have set all the hints, but that does not mean that it has to be simple.
Indeed, Achilles has nothing to do with Heaven’s Feel, but if i wrote that there is a reason.

No, no - that is his good point. Bring whoever for support, put all buffs on greateast pharaoh and watch him rain divine punishment with dat crits :fgo_buster: Grailed him to 100 - zero regrets, only wish his NP lvl was higher…

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I believe it’s an attempt at a spoiler-free reference to a certain future Indian servant who is famous for Buster crits.

Bingo :sunglasses:

And with this, i’m going to bed now.

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The most OP is obviously passionlip. She’s the most busted of them all.


Arjuna Alter. Straight up powercreeps basically every Buster AOE except the select few with 50% charge and those 30% chargers with strong special attack niche (mainly Gilgamesh).

DW has released powerful servants before, Merlin, Skadi et c, but despite their gamechanging strengths they don’t fundamentally replace existing characters for the exact niche.

Arjuna Alter is a different ball game, since damage-dealers just need to do damage mostly, if you release a unit that straight up outnukes almost everyone else and even gives charge on top of that that unit is going to put a great deal of damage-dealers out of job.

It really needs to be emphasised just how bullshit his damage potential is. With his special attack steroid, which is basically universal barring enemies with debuff immunity (even more universal than Gilgamesh’s NP), he gets 1.5x1.32x1.3=283% buff on his NP, when most damage-dealer’s self-buffs fall between 150%-200% DW decides to give a damn Berserker almost 1.5 tmes that amount of self-buffs…WTF DW?

He doesn’t just powercreep AOE servants, low self-buff ST servants are in his strike zone too. Kintoki’s ST NP only hits 28.4% harder than Arjuna Alter’s AOE NP, but Ajuna Alter will catch up with his disgusting card damage via special attack.

In fact, let’s just put in actual numbers here. Both servants have 1k Fou, no CEs, and NP5 (to show their highest damage potential without CEs).

Kintoki’s NPBB hits 205245 trait-neutral effective damage.
Arjuna Alter’s NPBB hits 205744 trait-neutral effective damage.

The only thing really saving Kintoki from Arjuna Alter at this point is having 50% charge.

Arjuna Alter’s strength at this point has extended far beyond pure number-crunching or farming demonstration. He is in the first setup to 7T Prison Tower, and he doesn’t even need a single Merlin backing him to do the job (while the MUSAshi setup has double Tamamo backing her up), he also destroyed the Halloween 4 CQ in minturn without any CEs when other servants need super BG/Versus or Event Damage CE to make it happen.

Still not convinced this is powercreep? Think of it another way, before Arjuna Alter existed, no one in good faith would say someone like Raikou needs a NP interlude, and people even complained when she got a skill buff. But now if you want to give NP buff to a bunch of uninterluded Buster AOEs like Raikou’s, no one who knows the game is going to say it is unfair when Arjuna Alter looms over them all.


I don’t disagree with and have felt the spirit behind this since his release, and I’m still going to roll for Golden (as well as AA, love those animations for one), but man this makes me :fgo_jeannu: with how much I like ol’ Golden.

Maybe my opinion isn’t so good considering that I am a new player but i believe that AA us the best at clearing waves if he is coupled with good support as for the best at one on one battle there is a lot of options for example full leveled and full nped musachi along with the right support is a destruction

Ultimately after thinking this through I believe that a powerful servant can be overpowered if he is taken care of and has the right support

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Are you sure AA is good at clearing “waves”? Because as far as I see he is good at clearing “wave”, nothing shows he can fire NP rapidly like most NP looping servants

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