What are the newt event like nero fest

Ok, I’m back with FGO after leaving the game abrutly when I realized the madness of the gatcha hell (aka the hell money purgatory). Now, I’m back as a new man who will spend no more money on this game espcially since I have a lot of 5 star to lvl up and 4 star and so on.

So I leaved the game after the end of the BB event and miss all the event after that and so Nero Fest.

Please tell me there is another event where I can spend my gold apple ! Like I don’t know, the winter event :fgo_jeannu:

New X-Mas Event has unlimited reset works when it comes to the lottery :) Also, Da Vinci event in January. X-Mas 2019 has gems in boxes, Da Vinci has pieces and monuments.

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(da vinci has more and better other mats though imo)



Guys, time to work for hours. Again.

When are they not working?

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Good, I will lvl up my Nicto for ths event I guess with Berselot and Fran it should be fine :)

Welcome back. :hugs:

Da Vinci Lottery comes 2 weeks, maybe 3, after the Xmas lottery so if you wanna farm you’ll have to divide your apple stash.

Good news is that we get a ton of apples between now and Christmas. Adding to what you already have, which is hopefully a lot, you should be able to farm both lotteries in decent amounts.

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