What are the Servant(s) you got in the first free 10 roll. Also what was your first 5*

It’s a question that has been brewing in my head for a while, so here we are. This question is for everyone, weither you’ve just started a month ago or you’ve been playing since launch. I’ll start it off of course. (If you haven’t gotten a 5* yet, just your first servant(s) is also fine)

As you can see I got Carmilla and Liz in my first 10 roll. Liz was a great support before I got the super top tier supports, and became even better when she got her buff. Sadly I’ve ignored Carmilla for the majority of my time on fgo as I got Jack pretty early on.
As for my first 5*, Mama Raikou carried me through so much of the early game content and events. Although I don’t use her much anymore because I have so many different and better options.(and she’s been stuck at NP1) She was my first bond 10 and I will never forget her service.

(Ignore the Arash, I do have him max ascended. He’s hiding just above the screenshot)


My free 4was an np2 Siegfried and my first 5 was Karna. Really like them both and I’ve gotten a lot of value out of them


I’ve never really gotten too much value out of my Siegfried because I had other options, BUT I did have fun pairing him with Georgios. Karna on the other hand, is one of my go to nuke Lancers when Parvati cant get the job done. Both are homies though and look dashing in glasses.


Got Herc in my GSR first roll. My first SSR was Musashi. It was the first time that I rolled the SQ gacha I got her along with Tomoe and Chiyome with around 20 tickets. I remember that this (and being also super lucky a few days later rolling in Story pool) made me think that rates werent bad and it wasnt so hard to roll SR-SSR servants, that two ore three x10 rolls were enough to get a SSR and a few SRs. Oh boy how wrong I was…


Tutorial 10-roll: Martha + Liz. I remember stopping my rerolls at that point since it was the first time I got multiple 4* from it. Martha was my only gold Rider for the first 8 months (at which point I got Marie, but even then I used Martha more since I didn’t have Skadi yet), and Liz still sees some use as a dedicated female support.

First 5*: Merlin (from GSSR). He was the first servant to reach Bond 10 and to this day is my favourite Caster in the game. Merlin + Summer Jalter was a deadly combo that let me breeze through most of Part 1.


Starter multi:

Emiya and Tamamo Cat (and that Caesar lol)

First 5*:
Saved all my SQ and tickets for him right out of the gate and he came home :feh_babyseliph:


Eli & Martha was my first SRs during tutorial summon

My first SSR was Orion during my first day playing fgo, but i feed him to Arash because i thought getting SSR was easy back then lmao

Then i got Edmond thanks to my friend’s blessed hand

Also i want to tell a story, during that first day, Shiki’s KnK event was still ongoing, but i can’t clear it cuz i still a noob…
The next event was Accel Zero, i found Gamepress during this time, GP’s walkthrough helped me a lot and i can NP5 Irisviel flawlessly…

Since that day, i always use Gamepress for anything fgo related, its been a great 4 years here :slight_smile:


NA: SR was d’Eon, who was a useful tank during early story, and SSR was Scathach, who is still boss killing powerhouse to this day

JP: SR was Tamamo Cat, my offensive carry for a bit, and SSR was Achilles


My first SR was Stheno, reason why I thought I was the luckiest man in Earth for geting a SR with my first roll lol. Later on I discovered she’s not very useful and the SR summon was guaranteed :clown_face:
And my first SSR was Jarcher, because she was the only SSR servant I knew in the current banners at the time. After I tried Casgil, but he never came. I failed to get the welfare because I started later and I didn’t know what I was doing, but a few days later Archuria also came with some tickets


I’ve burnt most of the servants I got in my first 10 roll but I did get 2 SRs, Martha and Stheno. My first SSR was Arjuna who came within my first few days of playing and then Medb soon after. I was extremely lucky when I first started, which made me keep playing


My tutorial free roll gave me Heracles and Carmila. 3 days later I got my first SSR which was Iskandar from the GSSR and he came with caster Gil and a kscope too. :) More importantly he also came with Medea who is currently bond 10 and grailed to 90. :smiley:


My first SR was Tamamo Cat. My interest in FGO grew because of Queen of Sheba so I was really pleased to have a cat dog fox welcome me. She’s been grailed to 100, and I hopefully find her last copy in a few months so that I can L120 her with NP5 + bond 15.

And obviously my first SSR was Mash. That’s in my heart, but my game history would tell you that the only SSR I ever rolled in 9 months was a Waver spook on the first Sparrow’s Inn event looking for OG Tamamo.

I’m weaning myself off of my Waver addiction on my JP account, lol. Not like mine over there would be much different with a Parvati start, a Xiang Yu ticket 5-star, and Super Bunyan as the first SSR I pulled. They all have crit elements to them so I’m still building the same budget supports as my NA.


My first SR has been Tama Cat.

Not very strong, but she balances her lackings with her cuteness, so it’s fine. In all these years she slowly spooked me till reaching NP5 some months ago, and with a certain CE I own and Skadi support from friendlist, her AoE NP has become quite deadly even on hard content and CQs.

My first SSR I think it was, and I did not miss the irony, Tamamo Caster from story summon. Back in those days I rolled only in story summon, that’s why one of my first Saber (that helped me a lot during singularityes) was Saber Alter.

Also, my first summer SSR has been Tamamo Lancer.

I am a master blessed by the Fox Maiden.

And I blame her jealousy each time I fail to summon another female servant, so her blessing is also a curse, I guess


Karma is beautiful, his NP animation is great.

I like Siegfried but I think that in his later ascension, his wings sprout from a weird place. In my opinion his sprite should need a little fix


My first 5* was Moriarty through 2020 NY GSSR. My first gacha 5* was Jalter off a last shot daily rate-up ticket pull.

Said NP1 Jalter was my main DPS until like, LB2. Her crits with a friend Merlin were better than any NP I had.


For my first multi summon I rolled David, Darius, Romulus, Medusa and Boudica with my guaranteed SR being EMIYA. As for my 1st SSR, I got lucky in that I started playing during a Lucky Bag Campaign and somehow managed to summon Mordred, who was coincidentally my favourite servant :smiley:


On JP it was Tama Cat and Vlad III
On NA it was Martha and Kintoki
Vlad was a spook on Arthur’s banner (CBC 2017, was rolling Arthur’s solo rate up), Kintoki was a rate up

Don’t have screenshot because maintenance is ongoing


SR → D’eon

SSR → Jeanne

Interesting enough it kinda tells how my playstyle should have been. :fgo_jeannepeek:
Well, got Jalter a few days after Jeanne. THAT should tell how my playstyle really is. :fgo_deathbyjalter:


My first SR was Liz, I hadn’t played any Gacha games before so I didn’t know about the concept of re-rolling for doubles.

My first SSR was technically Iskandar from the 2020 GSSR, but my first natural SSR was Hokusai literally a few minutes later.


On NA, my starter SR was Emiya (okay if you want to get technical it was Marie but I rerolled so) and my first SSR was Lartoria (from a dual rate-up with Merlin).

On JP, my starter SR was Suzuka and my first SSR was Oberon.