What are the servants are good

I just want to ask if in the near future is there a servant to go for like skadi, gilgamesh and others?

There’s a lot of top servants to aim for. It would also depend on your definition of “near future”. I’ll just limit it to the roughly consensus top-tiers (in their optimal setups) on solo rate-up for the next year or so.

Top 4 Support Casters:
Skadi (July 2020, November 2021)
Waver (September 2020, April 2021)
Tamamo (January 2021)
Merlin (August 2021)

Dantes (August 2020, July 2021)

Jeanne Archer (August 2020, July 2021)

Gilgamesh (September 2020, possibly November 2020, January 2021, September 2021)

Kama/Parvati (March 2021)

Arjuna Alter (June 2021)

Nero Bride (June 2021)

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