What are yalls thoughts on PRF skills?

Do yall think it’s based on favoritism/popularity? Or is it rooted more in a unit’s lore/relevancy to their game? If so, would yall be opposed to PRF skills being added or updated to outdated units who would’ve appreciated or needed them? Or should PRF skills stay exclusive to those units that originally came with them?

I only bring this up because in the seasonal banner: Edelglue, Dimitri, Claude, and ofc Mary Sue all came with PRF skills as seasonals and I’m wondering if we should expect a lot more units to come with PRF skills as seasonals or if it’s a one time, 3H hype/favoritism sorta thing. I also bring this up because should IS go back and add those PRF skills to the earlier versions of those units?


brave remixes when IS


I hope not.

I dislike prf skills on seasonals, for a multitude reasons.

First it means one less chance for an interesting inheritable. Second and more importantly, they kind of overshadow the original unit with the prf making the original feel less special/interesting.

But that’s just my opinion.


Definitely popularity, since most units who have them who aren’t the kind of unit that always has them (legendary/mythic) are alts of popular characters who had such alts already. So mostly lords. Only a handful of regular units have prf skills (most of them being from Genealogy).


I see the non-CYL prf skills as “character-specific” skills so I don’t mind if they show up on most of the variants of a character (while most of the CYL prf skills just stay on the Brave version of that character)

please buff beorc’s blessing there’s absolutely no reason to run it on b!ike anymore but yes units with outdated prf skills should definitely get theirs buffed like the legendaries do


IS: “Ok, we decided Armored Wall is outdated then and have updated it to make F!Edelgard invincible. We hope you continue to enjoy the Fire Emblem Heroes game!”


i truly fear for the day armored wall becomes outdated :fgo_casgilworry:


Just wait until B!Eirika’s anti-DR, defensive special and cooldown acceleration refine. Then it will be.
Yune Burning - Hujiba


IS: “Arden’s follow-up ring now allows him to negate anti follow-up skills, allows distance counter, heals based on damage dealt to opponent and gives him plus 2 charges per attack” :e7_howdareyou: jk lol


Unless… :feh_ardenwoke:


To original topic:

1)favoritism/popularity will always be a drive for prfs but I will add that lore can play a part to prf skills, look at arden’s follow-up ring for example even though he wasn’t popular till his feh debut

2)Prf skills getting an update would actually give some units playability again like B!Ike who really needs one, now we have to question which alt deserves a prf skill update? This part can cause some concern depending which alt gains the updated prf skill and other alts who also have the same prf skill. Raging storm comes to mind, its on 2 Eldegards alts, her summer and legendary version. Her legendary alt could use an updated prf skill yet her summer version does not need the updated prf skill atm. Now for those who don’t have prf skills like the other Ike’s, Lyn’s, every alt you can think of, etc… I’d personally wouldn’t mind SOME alts having prf skills but I’m sure we don’t need an altered version of armored wall prf on every armored Eldegard alt ingame lol. So I’d prefer some prf skills to stay exclusive depending on how busted the prf or its updated version is on certain units.


I think its just IS being lazy. Almost every alt of a character who came after they got a legend alt with that prf skill will also get it. Given I see the legend alt as that unit at their apex, it makes no sense to have everyone else that comes to also have that skill. Valentine’s Alm/Chrom/Luncia, the summer 3H Lords and Mich, the prf-less Scion Julia, the player phase Halloween Tiki having her Def/Res buffing C skill are nonsense. But they are good skills so make the unit better which means they’ll sell better so IS will keep doing it.

What I am glad about is that Ascended Fjorm, Halloween Tiki, Valentine’s Chrom/Lucina have show is only the legend alt gets the updated remix skill which is a mercy given the following alts come with more BST, better base skill and frequently a far better weapon.

I can accept new prfs skill on new units. Like how Zelgius or Nailah got something that kind of makes sense to them personally. For that, however, you would need to have a very strong connection to something from the home game which is probably already expressed by inheritable skills these days.


I like PRF skills beacuse they make characters more unique.

Otherwise it’s just Sword unit #23

Actually we should have way more lol



V!Ike erasure though I don’t blame you :catpat:

now that I think about it, his special was the only prf of any form on his release banner, no one on that banner had a prf weapon :catroll:


For me it’s mostly relevancy. I’m in for more prf on older units, i’ve been saying this already, but i wish everybody could be satisfied with their faves being good/useful units.

I mean, it’s not the first time we get seasonal prf skills. Scion Julia and Larcei, Winter Altina, the Marths with Fire Emblem, Lucina and Chrom with their movement shenanigans etc. It became a problem now because of 3H representation.

A little of devil’s advocator here, but i don’t think a unit sticking to it’s gimmick is a bad thing. Prf skills are one of the things that gives the character some “personality”/identity. If we talk about a Armor Sword dual phase brave weapon that can act on both phases, probably everyone’s first guess is Arden, but as soon as we put Double Galeforce/Raging Storm, it’s clear as day it’s about S!Edel. What aboud a Flying Slaying Brave dagger with tons of Atk and Spd? Ninja Lyn. Get Fallen Star, it’s clearly Summer Claude.
And i don’t agree with the takes like “this summer units powercreept all their og forms”, only Edelgard but that’s mostly cuz L!Edel is kinda outdated. Dimitri upgrades the Brave weapon build some L!Dimitri uses, but it’s not even close as good melee tanking as the legendary alt with his blue color (hi L!Nanna), Dodge and potentially Vital Astra, Claude gets more PP power losing a lot of survivability from the legendary’s NFU and Micaiah loses her mixed phase power for a full pp kit. In most cases they’re sidegrades to the Legendary ones. The one i agree is problematic is Micaiah, but because she has too many gimmicks going of for her and she keeps stacking more.

I’d rather a unit be recognizable by their kits over slapping the character png over a random weapon/gimmick/stat spread like most of Camilla’s alt which are usper forgettable.

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If so, would yall be opposed to PRF skills being added or updated to outdated units who would’ve appreciated or needed them?

Isn’t this essentially what refines are?

Anyway I think what would be interesting are PRFs shared across multiple units

Basically, it’s one weapon, but multiple units can wield it

There’s a few examples of this from the main series, the most prominent one I can think of is probably the Bordcord Axe (for Bord and Cord)

And in FEH specifically base Hector gets LA!Hector’s Berserk Armads (although it is literally himself so that’s a bit different)

Would that be weird? Possibly.

But I say it would be cool.