What are you most excited for in the FGO Camelot Anime?

Since we know Camelot is the next FGO anime to come out sometime next year, what part of the story are you most excited to see animated? You’re also free to discuss who you think should get animation updates and/or skill buffs out of the servants featured in that story.

Personally, while I’m quite excited for the Stella vs Rhongomyniad moment (which is why I’m hoping for an Arash animation update and skill buff), I’d most like to see more knights of the round and hassans revealed due to the story featuring them. Don’t just give us a Hundred Personas sprite for Hassan of the Intoxicated Smoke this time at the very least.


Stella vs rhongomyniad and ozzy’s np vs the tower.

King Hassan vs Gawain

And of course best boy


That’s one thing to look forward to following the animu-releases, at least - although animation-updates for Benkei, Ushi and Leon who appeared in Babylonia are yet to arrive…

As for myself, I guess I’ll be somewhat curious as to snapshots of a couple showdowns that it will feature - Hassans vs Tristan, e.g. Indifferent to watch it as a whole due to Gudao being MC rather than Gudako (yes, yes, petty, I know).

  • Gawain vs First Hassan.
  • Heartwarming scene between Cursed Arms and the boy (forgot his name).

Animation update: Ozy, he needs extra animations for his double Buster and Arts.

Skill/NP buff: also Ozy, I hope they add something to his Charisma (similar to Ishtar’s Charisma+crit up).
First Hassan, add [produce X stars] from his NP.

Make Buster great again. :fgo_buster:


Yeah, Ozy would be another good option, as long as the update isn’t like Gil and Ishtar where they basically kept the same ones since they were already good and just made them shinier. Though Gil’s NP update had some significant differences at least, just not his regular attacks.

The main one I wanna see fight is Serenity =) The rest are just bonuses

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hard to say. given its an movie what could get omitted.

Nitocris in the sky. Sherlock’s appearance. Da Vinci’s Transportation.

Bedi and the Lion King at the end. I am very ready to have my heart ripped out but oh it will be so satisfying.
“You are my shining star.”

Mash’s NP.

Story of Bedivere.
King Hassan mocking Gawain, Da Vinci in action, Ozymandias and Stella.


Besides what others have said I need that Chocolate Waifu action for Nitocris

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Gramps vs Gorilla

Babylon anime?
Gramps vs Mama Tiamat


Seeing Hundred Persona’s animated abs is enough for me to buy front row tickets.


Also I just need to hear arash’s chant

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She wasn’t in the singularity.

Not directly, but she was in the backstory of the singularity. She didn’t show up because she died before you got there.

(Edit) That’s how I’m hoping for more knight reveals, a short flashback of how the singularity began since you do find out in the singularity, you just don’t get any visuals, just like how other hassans are mentioned being killed by certain knights, but you don’t see it.

Gramps. Just everything Gramps. I really hope they animate the part where he beheads Ozy. Also kind of Nito. I’m interested in seeing her animated. And it goes without saying that more Mordred content is never a bad thing.