What are your interests appart from FEH?

I kinda want to ask this because I want some cool discussion
And to get to know eachother
We aren’t judging anyone here
I think everyone knows what are mine’s


other Fire Emblem games


I’m very much into Pokemon (as you may have guessed), Minecraft, Legend of Zelda (though Breath of the Wild is the only one I particularly like), Terraria, Hollow Knight, Subnautica, Hades, and a bit of Animal Crossing occassionally. I don’t watch a lot of TV or movies, but when I do it’s normally Marvel/superhero related, or something “iconic” like The Matrix or Inception.
I used to read a lot and loved anything by Rick Riordan and John Flanagan, but nowadays I don’t do so much.
Oh, I also play a lot of D&D and RPGs in general.


Apart from Feh… Nothing
But in seriousness some other games I like are the Spelunky games, Pokemon, Neo The World Ends With You, Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2005), and Mario to just name a few.
Outside of games I enjoy drawing and reading a lot. I usually draw characters that I like and I’m not the best but I try my best. Some of my favorite things I’ve read have been Akame Ga Kill, The Fruit of Grisaia, and Overlord to name a few.
I also like watching Impractical Jokers, legitimately my favorite TV show.


Work. Food. Beer. Sleep, Repeat. in that order. There is nothing in between.




I like a bunch of other gacha games, Pokemon, Skyrim, and League of Legends with friends

Right now the Gachas are World Flipper, Nier Reincarnation and Pokemon Masters EX (the latter being like just a login game)

Recently got Anniversary N in Masters, really happy since I was basically gunning for him

Big anime fan as well, mostly old stuff though, haven’t watched anything new aside from recent JJBA seasons


If I’m not doing FEH, I’m usually found playing Genshin Impact and a little FGO on the side. Or I’m watching YT or anime. I also read a lot on here

Irl stuff, I workout when I’m not busy and that’s about it


I’m someone who got very into anime and video games as a way to make up for not actually having any discernible personality. Since games are expensive and I tend to forget story details pretty quickly, I usually get very into one thing at a time. Right now that means I’ve been binging the heck out of Starcraft 2 and Chihayafuru, but some others in those categories I’ve enjoyed lot recently are Bloodborne, Code Vein and Nioh 2 for games, and Assassination Classroom, Kaguya-sama, Claymore and Shadows House for anime. There’s some other things that come and go, but those’re two consistent passions of mine. And lately I’ve realized that since I don’t have or really want a switch I’ve been watching Joe Zieja’s playthroughs of 3H so I can judge people for their opinions with some pretense of factual basis instead of mindlessly hating every 3H character for being popular.


To be honest, if anyone didn’t noticed already, I’m a big UtaPri fan because it gaves me joy

I don’t have a lot of friends to talk about them so that is why I spam them here sometimes
Because I’m a simp for pretty boys and I love their music
I also like watching random YouTube videos as long as it’s too gross
I actually laugh at cringe compillations, because I can’t physcally feel cringe
Some artists I like can make some creepy but beautiful videos like VIVINOS or Josipu

I’m also a bit of a seiyuu trash but it’s mostly when an actor plays a ton of characters I like for example Tatsuhisa Suzuki or Yuichi Nakamura
I still like old cartoons due to nostalgia too except probably Hannah barbera ones, they kinda put me to sleep…
I still watch new ones but there are not many cartoons I’m quite interested yet


Work,bike riding,playing gta 5,watching comedy skits,listening to music :thinking:…yeah lol


I am very interested in the my boy image
I have a crippling genshin addiction, and I also like making things with perler beads occasionally.
I like Pokémon just a little too much the new arceus game looks really fun, I can’t wait :feh_flaynyay:
I have an on again off again relationship with Dragalia lost, but I didn’t get Farren, so it’s sleeping on the couch tonight :breadsive:
I also really like Kirby, Omori, Splatoon, and animal crossing.


Guess I should actually answer the question (though my first answer wasn’t wrong)

  • Pokemon, obviously. I’ve played mostly every main series game and several spinoffs. Eevee best mon :pkmn_tmfm:
  • FGO because I enjoy torturing myself of her :fgo_daishouri:
  • I regularly watch pro wrestling since it’s fun watching people get beat up
  • Random videos that show up on YouTube due to the algorithm
  • I don’t really do most TV shows, but I enjoy watching anime every now and then

I also forgot that I have decent Photoshop powers,
And I tend to watch animes like Osomatsu San, Hetalia and Kill la Kill
But only a few wherever I like it too much or not


Gacha games, vocaloid songs, horror movies


FGO and Genshin regularly. Pokemon Masters and Duel Links infrequently
League of Legends because I never learn from games that treat me poorly
Analysing various media (I spend an inordinate amount of time on TvTropes)
Binging comedies and Twitch Gartic Phone streams
Most recently irl, yoga at home because anxiety says fuck classes and trainers and going outside


Well games in general really, primarily shooters like Halo, Titanfall and Apex. I’ve also been getting back into Oblivion lately on the single player side of things, and have been playing FGO for almost a year now too. I also watch a lot of YouTube, using gaming content. I’ve also been getting back into anime lately, mostly some Fate series stuff because FGO got me interested and Cowboy Bebop lately. Easily my biggest non-gaming related hobby is building Bionicles, I’ve loved doing that for over 15 years and have amassed quite the collection over the years.


Outside of playing video games, watching, reading anime manga etc., I enjoy reading antique books. I’ve also transcribed one (I will do more), but at the moment I’m translating the oldest book I own, which I must say I quite enjoy.
I do also enjoy coming up with stories and creating poems, I just never end up writing any of them down.


Oh boy, time to gush about (mainly) music.

So I’m a bit of an audiophile (got a pair of old mate Senn’s HD599s) and in the last couple years I’ve been listening to a lot of different music and trying to learn more about the structure and production. Given a lot of different and relatively obscure genres a chance, mainly electronic since that’s where a lot of ingenuity and creativity has been showing up in the last years. Genres I’ve tried and come to like range from breakcore, to city pop, to Neuro-hop and to Disco. Some of my favourite artists/bands are Porter Robinson, Earth Wind and Fire, Emmit Fenn, Pendulum, Coldplay and RefraQ. I’ve also started learning guitar in the last couple months which according to most people I’m learning quite quickly which is pretty cool. Nowhere near good yet, but I have only been playing about 30 minutes per day for a couple months.

Apart from that, there’s quite a few games, I’ve been on a bit of a VN binge going through Muv-Luv, Highway Blossoms, If My Heart Had Wings to name the ones I’ve been particularly enjoying. And then some rhythm games, a lot of Muse Dash, and Groove Coaster whenever I have time to go to the arcade that has the cabinets. Haven’t played them for a bit, but roguelikes and metroidvanias are high on my list of good stuff, Hollow Knight, Hades, Binding of Isaac, Ori and the Blind Forest and a bunch of others that I can’t be bothered to think of right now.

And then because I’m a massive weeb if all the VNs didn’t give that away, I watch quite a bit of anime. Currently catching up on Yuru Camp since some chill stuff sounded good right now. Finished Fruits Basket last month which was incredible. I’ll watch pretty much anything, but I’m a sucker for romance.

Yeah that about does it, I have a lot of free time.


There’s a lot of genres of games I like, most of them on pc. Most of them are rpgs, I especially like turn based rpgs that are “unconventional” you could say? Like I love the mother series, undertale, deltarune, omori, Lisa, Yume nikki this kind of games, especially if they are thought-provoking.
Other than that because of quarantine I started doing meditation and got very interested in spiritual stuff