What banner should I summon on?

So, Duo Ephraim’s banner is coming back, and I need to fix my IVs for my Duo Ephraim (+spd/-def). The problem here is that the new summer banner comes out and it has that new Byleth, which is a Red Tome. The only red tome I have is W!Tharja, and I don’t have much of a use from her, and Byleth’s kit looks really good. Ephraim is really the only Infantry Lance I have except for Fjorm, and I really want to use him.
What banner should I summon on?
Thanks for helping me!


New unit >> fixing an IV. Especially since he isn’t -Atk.

There’ll be plenty of time to try and get both.


what are you using him for?

Currently I don’t have much use for him, but I am trying to make a team for him. I used him for AR, but the team I made wasn’t really good…

he’s a fantastic arena/AA unit but I wouldn’t bother with him for AR.


My words wont really be useful,but honestly decide by yourself if you are willing and interested on using new byleth or how much you actually use duo Ephraim and, if you aren’t using him alot, if the fixed iv would change your usage of him.
(I would also recommend you maybe building normal Tharja,if you need a red tome. Easy merges and pretty nice refine)
But yeah, not very useful answer…


his fodder is top notch though. one with crappy ivs I would definitely fodder.


I don’t have a good offensive red tome, so Flyleth is the goal and then back to hoarding orbz for CYL

DuoPhraim is a great unit…and that tasty fodder too!


Boob-duo has awful defenses. Like, ridiculously awful. Don’t fall for it.


her duo skill gets around that to an extent though. and her best set is probably windsweep.


What is the skill? I just saw the desperation emblem but not the conditions. Is it perfect or does it require an HP cutoff?

no cutoff. and can be used again every 3rd turn

I just noticed their feh boob job



So S!Ishtar with a more offensive kit

Well that’s awful. She’s weak and will die in one hit but giving perfect desperation to other units is going to be shitty. Still not worth putting in orbs for. Bait banners have been more and more obvious lately, and I know for a fact my rates would be pathetic (see the last resonant banner only getting 5 focus units in 400 orbs.)


she gets desperation herself too.

and her tome is basically NFU with a joke of a condition, windsweep will let her not be counterattacked by physicals.


I would say that the duo skill is really one of the best. A desperation every 3th turn, and with her high spd it’s probably a guaranteed kill. If the made them blue they would basically make that L! Seliph and then instantly make a counter for him. Good thing that AI can’t use duo skills…

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meh. she’s still weak to hardy bearing. and she can be one-shotted by almost every mage on 2/3 turns even with windsweep. flyer doesn’t do her any favors here, no special acceleration to go with slaying. If she were infantry, she’d be bonkers.

she’s above average for a duo, but not amazing imo


Seeing how the refined have been going lately I’m expecting NFU effects to be more common, so my dragons with NCD will be able to counteract the next common pairing of that effect with wind/watersweep. I’m not discounting how strong the effect is, I’m discounting that it’s still just a glass cannon with 4 bewbs (and a low Atk one at that.)

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waiting for Rhea as a standard unit

Still haven’t played 3H but I know she’s a dragon so… Fingers crossed she’s not green cuz no one’s replacing my girl.