What bow to use for Norne?

Before anyone and everyone says Spendthrift, I don’t have it :feh_selkiepout:

This is for ARO Astra carry. Double Altina tho ideally I’d have at least one Plumeria. Blessings not shown

Ideally she’d have pulse smoke but she’s third in line for it and I’m not planning on pulling for it, so not anytime soon.

  • Guard bow
  • Devilish bow
  • Slaying bow
  • Short bow
  • Other

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She’s run with B!Lucy support. (Drive spd and distant guard for c and s). All chills should be soaked. If I ran slaying then I would go sol.


Monstrous bow (panic smoke bow) is in the limited manuals rn, I think that might be best

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Yeah that’s an option too. Tbh I dunno how many people actually run visible buffs on ARD tho :feh_eirikathink:

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spendthrift, it’s stupidly strong :feh_genny_mug:

… until you can get one (you probably don’t have any), Devilish bow. :feh_annawink:


Yeah I don’t have spendthrift. I would love to be able to get one but I don’t have the orbs to afford it :catroll:

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I mean, she’s +10 and your AR carry, she deserves some love fodder now :feh_altinawink:

But no Midori banner until . . . (?)

Slaying is always a reliable option and what I’ve been using on mine on my second account.

Well she ain’t +10 just yet, that was unit builder. She’s +4, but she’ll be +10 soon enough. She’s my only project atm pretty much


oh okay :cactus: :butterfly: :eyes:

Guard Bow is really good if you’re going for a ranged tank (with 2x Distant Def), but it can also work with this build. Devilish Bow has my vote though because its effect is more universally useful. The downside to this is that Norne doesn’t hit hard so she will probably leave a lot of enemies alive even if she doubles. Short Bow can help her low Atk and heal more via her special.


Devilish is my number one, Guard would probably be my number two. I think the Guard effect from Devilish will serve you well until you get Spendthrift, and it’s on the limited manuals right now.


I am hurt. hurt.
Norne questions and you don’t even ask eh moi?!

my heart. i think it’s broken.

With the bows we have available. I would say Devilish would be a good bow for her because it has guard built in. i don’t have it yet (but i will) so it is something to consider.

i know you don’t have spendthrift … but i would put that on your list (really) to hopefully get a Midori if she shows up again. or hope for a pity breaker when do you pull, because i DO think that’s her best bow. she utalises it so well. but for this build, i think devilish willl be good.


my heart. i think it’s broken.


I do really want spendthrift. Maybe when I actually get back to like 500ish orbs. But yeah devilish seems like a good idea


Silver Bow is best bow.


Extra might is always right!


I see

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Stick to her base kit Guard Bow. Decent on a budget.

Then pull for Spendthrift once it comes back lol.


You all are reminding me of when I blew 150 Orbs trying to get Spendthrift the last time Midori came around (on that Rally banner about a month ago) just to get pitied by ■■■■■■■ Luke

I immediately lost any faith I’d pull her at a reasonable cost and gave up. It’s a fantastic bow and all, but it was not worth suffering for hundreds of Orbs of red hell…

I agree the Devilish Bow is probably the best alternative.


Yikes. Probably the spark banner was the way to go but… oh well. Maybe it might get voted in :fgo_ereshsmile:

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Are you going to use Norne as the MVP for carrying yourself over Astra Season? Is she the main tank and / or relies on a mixed phase duelist?

Guard Bow with Distant Defense and Distant Guard are good enough and helps her survive some AoE specials.
If your plan is to counter Thrasir and units that rely more on speed and not so much on attack, then Devilish Bow is a great option to not allow them to charge their specials unless they’re pre-charged at 1 or 0 and have Flashing Blade.

I wouldn’t advise Slaying Bow or Short Bow because they don’t provide a defensive strategy and Norne really needs them.

As for your strategy and team synergy, it can work well on many teams, but I can picture some attempts where you might fail to kill everyone and lose on the next turn or when the countdown ends. And that’s where you have to ponder what’s more important: Staying healthy and restore the lost energy caused by Upheaval and Bolt Towers or reducing enemies’ defenses with Moonbow, Luna or Glimmer.

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What the ■■■■? The exact same thing happened to me!