What buffs would you like to see?

I am a strong believer that buffs should be prioritized heavily as opposed to nerfs in a competitive setting. As crazy as it sounds, I wouldn’t want to see Swampert or Melmetal get nerfed, (they probably won’t since chaging their move stats would affect many other Pokémon).
So, what kind of buffs would you like to see?

A Metal Claw buff might make Empoleon and Cobalion top PvP contenders.

Flash Cannon was pretty much a copy of Psychic in the original games, so that should be corrected too imo - even if it were to make Registeel even better than it already is. It was never a devastating move

I think Ember should have a higher energy generation - and possibly lower damage output. Fire-types just don’t have any above-average STAB fast moves. Fire Fang, Fire Spin and Ember are all… just okay


Astonish needs to be as consistent as Bullet Seed and Metal Claw needs to have higher energy gain. (In PvP, MC is actually the best fast move in the game)

I’d like to see Fury Cutter actually get a weather boost in PVP/E and a Shadow boost (in PVP)

Brave bird shares stats with wild charge, and in pvp the move is thrash. A rebalance could make a lot of birds much more appealing. Same goes to air cutter, should be a night slash clone.
And I agree with @MartijnLW, steel and fire type moves need a rebalance in some moves to make them more representative. Steel is dominant by virtue of the typing, but moves leave much to be desired, and fire took the short end of the stick since the beggining

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In where? It literally doesn’t in both PvE and PvP.

I wish it can be 40 energy and 90 power in pvp, and 120 power in PvE. That move NEEDS a buff and after Earthquake, Psychic and Megahorn, I wish it’s next.

I think he means Brave Bird in the original games, as it is an attack with recoil like Flare Blitz, Wild Charge and Take Down.

40 energy and 90 power would make it as powerful as a CD move, I don’t see that happening. But it would not surprise me if it would become a copy of Wild Charge

Ho-Oh. Fix the damn bird! If Niantic doesn’t want to adjust existing moves make Sacred Fire a Fast move with high energy generation since all the Charge moves are high energy cost.

Ho-Oh!!! Need to be buff its stats again and a move rebalance…

Mewtwo needs a buff in its stats too, especially in defense

Focus Blast should need less energy (75 is insane!)

Tyranitar needs better moves as well

Slaking, plis! A decent fast move

And more moves for fire Pokémon! Most of 'em are useless.

I don’t know about all that. I’m someone who’s favorite type is Ice and I’m always using Fire types.

Brave Bird is much stronger than Wild Charge in main series actually, (but the recoil damage is higher)

Leave Slaking Alone.

Flamethrower and Overheat are anything but useless, and Fire Punch is actually good in PvP.

Stat Buffing is useless. Just give it an actual fast move and some lighter moves, 55 energy is OK.

No. Mewtwo does not need a fix.

Yay, because Registeel can throw bullshit in front of me. Flash Cannon same.

I would not say that for Fire Spin or Fire Fang, but Ember is just as bad as Low Kick.

The thing I want to see now is actually:

Astonish = Ghost Bullet Seed
Metal Claw with higher energy gains
Brave Bird becoming a 120 power 1 bar move in PvE and a 40 power 90 with a heavy Defense drop in PvP.
Superpower needs a PvE buff to make it 100 power instead of 85.
Bug Bite needs higher Energy Gains
Hydro Pump needs to be a 60 bar 110 damage
Ho-oh needs a real fast move
Dragon Tail needs to be a bit faster